New connection delay and tata sky binge not working

Name of Complainant Nitin Kumar Jain
Date of ComplaintJuly 19, 2019
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Text of Complaint by Nitin Kumar Jain:

Subscriber ID : 1331073401
Poorest of poor support from TATA SKY


poorest of poor support recieved from your local vendor and customer support seniors
Mr Dhruv (team leader)and Mr Pratham (Assistant Manager).

1. tata sky was supposed to be installed on Friday (12th July) but it was not installed
and got multiple excuses and installation guy was come on sunday (14th july).

2. partial installation was done and person come has poor knowledge on BINGE and other stuff.

3. called customer care again on Sunday ..spoke to Mr Dhruv and he assured me BINGE issue was fixed within 1 hour
and will give you call back within an hour. No call back recieved issue was not solved.

4. again called customer care spoke to Mr Dhruv in morning, new deadline is 2 hours maximum by 12:00 noon.
no body has come yet on to fix the issue.
5. Mr Dhruv told if issue was not fixed in by 1:30 PM , call customer care and told them to talk to Dhruv.
He didn’t attend the call.
6. after numerous call and follow-up , call taken by your assistant manager Mr Pratham, he is not at all aware of the status
and shared false information initially. then again i explained him entire things.
7. then a new deadline is recieved give us time and wait for 24 hours and we will fix.

8 Already recieved so many new deadlines but issue was not resolved.

9 your senior team Mr Dhruv and Mr Pratham are also just giving excuses.

Till date and time issue was not resolved and nobody is taking the responsibility.
If on new connection, customer is facing so many challenges then what will happen with other customers?

Most pathetic support i recieved till now. I am not sure it will work or not ??

If any body is reading this mail, please take this as positive feedback and do some actions against your team and fix this issue.

Nitin Jain

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New connection delay and tata sky binge not working

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2 thoughts on “New connection delay and tata sky binge not working

  1. Hi, we understand your concern. We are looking into it now. Please wait just a little while longer. We’re resolving this for you in the best and quickest way.

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