I got stuck in an online fraud..

Name of Complainant Mehra
Date of ComplaintDecember 29, 2021
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Mehra:

They asked to do 500 forms in 5 days,salry will be 15k.regustration fees are 9940 ,if I get my first slarsy 9940 rs will be deducted .I said ok .the forms are very tough ,I told them that I can’t do .then they are saying pay amount of 9000 or else pay 40000 in the court .I don’t have anyone.and they are saying they will be filing a case against me ,they send some messages with section numbers .I need help,please do it for me anyone

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I got stuck in an online fraud..

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14 thoughts on “I got stuck in an online fraud..

  1. I’ve also experienced with the same scenario with infotyping services
    They told me to pay 9000 within a couple of minutes for not completing the work or else legal notice will be send to your address and after that see you in the court.

    1. Even I faced the same issue toady and inspire of somehow completing the work they are making lame excuses that there is extra space which was actually not there.

    2. Hi mam do you get the notice please tell me, I am also get same message from that company, really they send the notice please reply

  2. Had similar experience with info typing services. Even though I have not accepted the agreement, got call from from him and their legal partner stating about suit against me. I strongly opine such fraud should be put behind the bars to avoid many more innocent hard earning people’s.

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