I am continuously getting threat calls from company advocates to pay them otherwise they are filing a case against me

Name of Complainant Zeba shaikh
Date of ComplaintMay 23, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Zeba shaikh:

My name is zeba shaikh, I applied for a home-based job in Quikr. I was contacted by Sana Shah(+91 9714100543) on my WhatsApp number.

There she offered me a job of simple form filling by typing 1400 forms within 10 days and in return, they will pay rs25 per page (i.e., rs 35000) including a one-time registration fee of rs 6750 which will be deducted from my first salary.

Along with that, they said that the accuracy of typing should be 90%. Since I got some interest in it and said ok. After that the process started, she asked my adhar card photo and told me to download an app for an agreement.

First of all, let me clear no agreement was shown to me initially. After opening the app she said to my sign. Then another person called me for verification. Then they mailed me an agreement. In the agreement, it was written that the registration fees have to paid by me if I leave or unable to submit the work or the accuracy is not 90% also I have to pay the money.

And If I don`t pay the money they will take legal actions against me. I got afraid and then started to work. While working the website gave many error pages but I finally completed my work on the 10th day.

On submission day they just changed my password and I couldn’t submit my pdf file because of incorrect password. The work was completed before the deadline but the submission was not accepted by the system/server due to some password issues.

So I dropped an email the very same day to their helpline email-id (help4formsfilling@gmail.com) on (25 Mar,2020,11:51) but no one responded.

Now almost 2 months later, their legal advisor contacted and threatened me by saying that they will send me a legal notice if I don’t pay them Rs 6900 (in name of application charges). I told them that I had finished my work on time and wanted to submit but couldn’t do the same because of that technical error from the companies side.

After listening to which their legal advisor gave me an excuse saying there was a lockdown in the entire country so we couldn’t help you. Now he is forcing me to submit the said amount and also threatening to take my entire family to court because according to them ‘the work was not submitted on time and agreement was breached’.

I mentioned that it was not my fault that your company didn’t solve my technical problem on time. Clearly, if they would have replied to me then I would have submitted the work before the deadline.

Now after 2 months they contacted me via a mail saying I had not completed my work and now I need to pay penalty to the company if I am unable to do so they will file a case against me in civil court.

Now I am continuously getting threats calls from company advocates to pay them otherwise they are filing a case against me and then I have to bring my entire family to court to prove my innocence. They are calling from different numbers and every time a new advocate is contacting me and giving different threads.

Right now I have blocked all their contact number because of mental torcher, please solve this problem as soon as possible.

People who contacted me –
Sana Shah- 09714100543
Advocate Naveen Sharma -07284830969
Advocate Pooja Bhosale- 07623036474
Advocate Avinash Deshmukh- 07265863345, 07359453720
Sunny Shah- 07359202060
Legal Branch- 07069454249

Image Uploaded by Zeba shaikh:

I am continuously getting threat calls from company advocates to pay them otherwise they are filing a case against me

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