Fraud Data Entry Jobs/Scarlet companies

Name of Complainant Gourav Grover
Date of ComplaintApril 18, 2021
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Gourav Grover:

On 3rd of April  2021 a phone call I received from Gujarat to join data entry job at Scarlet Company where I have to do work from home. They asked me to fill up 1000 form with 90% accuracy with in 10 days and promised me to give 34rs per form.

That guy asked me for my documents which i sent and then he sent me the agreement without my consent and as i was searching for the company I found out that it is a fraud but he had already made the agreement without my knowledge and now he is saying that I’ll have to work in any condition.

  • The agreement is made on 3rd of April 2021 but in the agreement sent by him notary is done on 2nd December which mean he has just edited my name there and attached my documents. This person has done many similar frauds with others too.
  • And after my first day of filling the forms(90 forms) . They banned my id and told me to repair it and for that they asked the money of 6800. And then I told them I want to eave the job and they asked me to send 5400 otherwise legal action will be taken against you.
  • And then the advocate Chirag Rajput(fake name) is asking me to send the 45,000(approx.) to him so he cancels the case. Can Anyone help me??

Image Uploaded by Gourav Grover:

Fraud Data Entry Jobs/Scarlet companies

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56 thoughts on “Fraud Data Entry Jobs/Scarlet companies

      1. Same situation at my end. I’ve to start from today and account is blocked. I called the customer care, they don’t want to listen. I sent my adhar card. Do please help me too to come out of this situation.

    1. Don’t worry just ignore them they will call as advocate, lawyer too. Just ignore and don’t give a single money to them block them.

    2. Today iam job pls clarify this company
      Iam new members agreement was created today
      Tomorrow this company sent to project
      I am work or not work pls help……

  1. i have faced same issue as all says they ask to pay their charges amount please help me out

  2. Thanks for saving me sir , I got the agreement before signing and uploading my photo I just search about this and found your complaint , I blocked that number and whatsapp. I just wanted to know will I be having any problem in the future as I have not signed the agreement and have not uploaded the pic also

  3. Same problem I face today. Please anyone suggest me that what can I do now. They have my aadhar details & agreement signed by me. So what will they do next against me ????

    1. No need to worry about this Just block them and Do your personal work. If u got a Agreement copy with the seriel number is BZ31206 fake since that frauds use the same number for all people’s. So please ignore…

      1. Helo,
        If there any issue working in scarlet company
        Seems my account has been blocked they have my aadhar and Signature, they can trouble me for this, is there any issue plz reply fast

      2. I have facing the same issue my aadhar and photo are in their hand if they can trouble me with that documents

      3. Same situation at my end. I’ve to start from today and account is blocked. I called the customer care, they don’t want to listen. I sent my adhar card. Do please help me too to come out of this situation. With same agreement no. BZ31206

      4. I’m Monika . I’m also from Tami lNadu. I completed that 1000 forms fully bro, but also today morning one girl called me and she told that she is advocate and she asked me to pay the fine . and I’m also have the same agreement no bro BZ31206.

  4. yes same things done with me but dont worry we can go to the police station and our city consumer court against this fraud this isa a totally fraud company.

  5. Hi,i also facing same issue,dated 30.04.2021 some one will be called and asked for money.kindly save me from this froud person and company.

  6. Same happened to me also…they asking money…they have my aadhar details and signature,now what I want to do…anyone pls help me…

      1. They have my Email id & signature also……..what can I do now

      2. Bro my email id is
        Please help me out today i was called by this company and i gave all details and they gave me a agreement and it has the same serial no. Will i get trouble?

      3. Help from these fraud agencies they called me to pay the amount I don’t know wht to do…

  7. In this pandemic we are jobless and when we got work even though if i submitted all 1000 forms they said your 200 forms are wrong you have to pay amount like this they are telling I’m also helpless pls help me.

    1. Dear All, They are Fraud. Dont work for them. They are earning money from us. Ignore them, even if you have signed an agreement also, just ignore them. They can not do any thing. They are just black mailing using our details. Fully Fraud people. Dont worry at all and just block them from ur contacts.

      1. Is there any problem?? My details and documents they have and they asking money

      2. I got a mail from them and send a FIR report what i do plz reply if they can trouble they said i have to pay 35750 rupees

    2. Same thing they told me yr 110 form are u r fail u have to pay 5900 ₹ to company what should I do? Tell me

  8. I am from Kerala, today i’ve got a call from an advocate from gujarat and a mail from them stating i need to pay 35,750 rupees or else i will be facing consequences as per ipc 73 74 and 75.
    Please help me

    1. Same situation at my end please do contact me. I am also from kerala. 7902292889 this is my number.

  9. I think i am trapped…i just signed a contract recently…wat to do to cancel this and to be safe

  10. Am facing the exact same issue….. really worried what will happen!!! Feeling like am trapped!

  11. Don’t you worry about anything.. You people haven’t signed the agreement. Your signatures are not there on the agreement. Let them call. Tell them you are tracing the call.. Just hold the call for one mint.. Tell them like this. Or else just block them.. Nothing will happen.

  12. +91 78732 04502 I got call from this number and
    8140138631 this is company helpline number please be aware of this 2 number. They are fraud even if you people complete your work i.e., 1000 forms, they will message you after some 2 to 3 days and they will ask money this is their business, but they never show you what mistake you did in the form.

  13. Maja sobat pn Asch zalay mala aas vatte ki apn sagle milun yaana pakdlch pahije ani nemk Kay ahe suru te bghital pahije Karan ya mule khup lokana tras ani loss zlaay

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