Fraud by Airtel Representatives

Name of Complainant Mihir Parekh
Date of ComplaintOctober 16, 2018
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Mihir Parekh:

Since one month Airtel representatives were calling me to convince me to port out of Vodafone.. They kept offering me great plans and then i finally decided to port out.. They charged me Rs.100 for new sim cards and told me this would be waived off from the bill.. Also they promised me a certain Family plan (Fixed Rental of 600 rupees with 120Gb of data per month).. Now once that i have ported out, the plan activated is a costlier one with lesser data (649 rupees rental with 90Gb data) and also the amount paid for sim cards has ofcourse not been waived off.. I have been trying to contact them since 10 days now, they keep disconnecting my calls.. I have recorded proof of my entire conversation with the Airtel representative where she offered me the first plan as well as the waiver of 100 rupees from my bill..

When i tried contacting the Customer Care services regarding this same complaint, they bluntly refused to take any action and asked me to directly contact those representatives only.. Even though I have a “recorded proof”, I am still unable to take any action against this fraud..

Image Uploaded by Mihir Parekh:

Fraud by Airtel Representatives

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