Flipkart Complaint: Unethical practices

Name of Complainant Jo
Date of ComplaintOctober 9, 2017
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Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Jo:

Order Id: OD110387719290744000

Dear gentlemen at Flipkart.

In Kerala there are certain mafia goons who undertake criminal activities. Anyone can hire them by paying certain sum of money. They are locally called quotation gangs.

Unfortunately I am compelled to say from a series of encounters that your engagements with Ekart-logistics partners at Thiruvalla, Kerala  is a kind of engaging such quotation gang to bully the general public.

They misbehave, tease the customers, harass to make them additional expenditure, create enormous hardship both mental and physical.   They act against all the fundamental principles how an e-commerce logistics business expected to run.

There are dozens of e-commerce online shopping websites. But none, except Flipkart do such mischievous engagements and support such substandard activities.

It is very sad that the guys at Customer Service of FK are at two steps ahead to act in tandem with these criminals.

My latest experience with purchasing a computer monitor is yet another example:

  • I am a NRI from Gulf.
  • My security surveillance cams of my establishment in native place went offline. To fix I needed a computer monitor . I searched FK to find a suitable product. Found a Dell model which the seller is able to deliver to my locality PIN No. 689501.
  • After waiting for two weeks, the item reached FK’s Ekart Logistics Center Thriuvalla in Kerala (PIN Code. 689621). Online status shown Out For Delivery at Thiruvalla.
  • They usually employ a guy on a motor bike to deliver item from this point on wards up to 50 kilometers like Pandalam, Adoor etc.
  • This guy carry only small documents that he can keep on his lap while riding the bike, leaving bigger items in the office itself.
  • Even for those smaller items,m he will not deliver to the customer address. Instead throw them to any highway side shops known to him and ask the customers to go there for their own and collect.
  • For slightly bigger sized items he demand the customers to reach their Thriuvalla Ekart office.
  • In my case the given acceptable PIN code No. was 689501 Pandalam whereas Ekart is around 50 kilometers away at Thiruvalla (PIN Code. 689621).
  • They bully customers to take their own taxi to reach at their place and collect at certain time.
  • I am an NRI sitting in a Guld country. I purchase item for my brother who is a senior citizen.

Why FK is compelling a senior like him or whoever to take a taxi and travel 50 kilometers to reach Thiruvalla and spend his time, energy and, money to collect ietem from there whereas they promised to deliver to Pandalam at the time of purchase ?

In the last instance  which was for the computer monitor, When I found the remark online as Out for Delivery at Thiruvalla,  having ample of such experiences in the past,  I contacted FK customer service to the ensure product to be delivered to the designated place Pandalam. (Both are almost 50 kilometers away and connected by the arterial sate highway.)

To my utter amazement the guy at FK stated that he got feed back from his Ekart partner that they are unable to deliver the product to the designated PIN code area (689501) at Pandalam.  And the guy at FK-CS without waiting for a second and allow to say a word, he cancelled the purchase instantly. In fact I was in urgency to get the product due to the security issues at my establishment and was ready to send someone by taxi. But he cancelled as if taking vengeance.

So my question is that,  why FK wasted my time and money then by giving false promises and keeping items on sale publicly but they cannot deliver ?

FK deliberately allow the customers to go on confrontation with the local logistic guys and for street fight on delivery arguments ?   

Even as of now sending this mail, the same item is available online from the same seller and available delivery PIN code area as 689501-Pandalam. That means FK still out there waiting to trick customers again which is obvious that they cannot deliver.

FK faulty Phone wallet system:

FK has a PhonePe wallet system. I filled this Phonepe wallet from my savings bank account using debits card. When tried to return money back to my bank account from PhonePe wallet it does not allow return money and lock amount. However filling wallet from bank happens in a flash.

Therefore in this case, FK trap the money from me for around 11600 rupees by promising a new wallet system. FK allure public by showing heavy shopping discounts.

Once the money is gone in to wallet, it can not be returned back to bank account.

Now, if the customer choose to buy an item, there is no guarantee that the item will be delivered.

This phonePe wallet cannot be used  in any other popular shopping site.

In short,  FK loot public money and cheat by offering online shopping.

All these bad practices happens just because they engage a ‘Quotation gang’ as their Ekart logistic partner at Thiruvalla, Kerala.

It is ideal for FK to stop their services in Kerala state together and openly declare their logistics deficiencies to the public with apology.

I am waiting to stop my shopping with FK for ever till the money trapped with their wallet is somehow utilized.

Latest: I opened another FK account, and saw another seller of the same product who deliver item to 689501. After making a buy I called FK-customer service to inform them to avoid Ekart logistics and choose any other courier company or even Indian Postal Dept. because same result is expected to repeat.

They said No. they will can contact their seller and ‘there is no facility to contact a seller’.  

FK-CS is almost a machine automated system, where seldom anyone from overseas can talk or make use of any helpline-chat etc.

God bless flipkart, India’s No.1 ecommerce mafia..! 


PS: Since this involves unethical business practices, law and order issues at local levels because of Ekart goons, this message is being copied to the kind attention of the appropriate authorities at the district, state and the Center.

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Flipkart Complaint: Unethical practices

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