Extended Warranty: Jeeves Consumer Services — 32″ Kodak LED TV

Name of Complainant Subrata Mandal
Date of ComplaintMarch 20, 2022
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Category of complaint Electronic Appliances
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Text of Complaint by Subrata Mandal:

I do not understand, how Jeeves team works. It has been more than 45days now, but to no result.

I will share the chain of events:

• On 18th Jan, I have logged complaint for TV, I was been told it will be done through a call by technician within 48 hrs.
• On 20th Jan, I got a call from technician and was told that this can not be resolved online and withing 72 hrs technician will visit.
• 22nd Jan, technician has visited and shared that there is issue in motherboard, it will be replaced, though 21days is the TAT however, if the parts are available it can be done withing 6-7 days
• On 30th Jan, when I reached Customer care, I was informed that the parts has reached local technician on 29th Jan, because of some personal issue he is not able to visit and would visit in a day.
• on 8th Feb, I got a call from Jeeves mentioning the TV would be rectified latest by 13th Feb
• on 15th Feb, when I called jeeves customer care, I was told, since the parts are not available our backend team will get in touch with you for refund/replacement.
• 19th Feb, I have started getting mails for refund, I have replied on daily basis, but no reply from team on the same, however everyday they will share a fresh mail for refund., now they have stop sharing email.
• on daily basis I am following up and every day they would say “we have escalated this for resolution, our team will get back to you within 24 hrs”

No resolution till date.

Claim ID : CLJPE20012200536

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Extended Warranty: Jeeves Consumer Services — 32″ Kodak LED TV

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