Exceltypists.com scam company

Name of Complainant Sajad
Date of ComplaintJune 23, 2022
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Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Sajad:

The Exceltypists company is not even a company all fake peoples are trying to scam the freshers who are looking for an online job. They offer 5 days of work from home and 15000Rs of weekly payments for typing that also 3 times a month which they say as their so called slot. There is no way a person can submit their work without having a technical difficulty and with their so called 90% accuracy. They designed their software in such a way that they can give good excuses by putting the hole blame on the worker and then their so called fake illegal advocate will try to threaten you by demanding huge amount of money in the name of a stupid contract which they made you sign online to show off how much their company is real and also this fake contract is their huge weapon to give you threats like you have to come to the court to talk to them and settle everything with a huge amounts of money or they also threat you with the fear of sending leagal notice to your home address. They all are scammers who want to earn out of your fear only. Nothing is leagal there and that contract is also fake and completely valueless just like their threatening words. So dear friends always do good research before joining any type of work and if you get trapped in one of them please don’t panic and know that they are only playing with your innocent mind to make money out of you. So don’t be fear and teach them the right lesson, when those scammers try to scam you speak the the right things they actually need to listen. Don’t let them make money out of you. Don’t give them any money. At last I want to say, stay strong and stay fearless and take a good charge of those situations. Nothing to panic they are only frauds.
Exceltypists Company is FAKE FAKE FAKE… Save your time and money. God Bless You All.

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Exceltypists.com scam company

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