Crom technology gujarat blackmailing to send money on demand or threatening of legal process

Name of Complainant BHARGAV MUNGI
Date of ComplaintNovember 9, 2019
Name(s) of companies complained against ,
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by BHARGAV MUNGI:

While I was searching for home base jobs in online I got one call from the number (7359455132) and he said daily 150 links you have to watch for that registration fee you no need pay you have to do work 10 days for 10 days they will 7500.

in that they will cut Registration 3000, remaining amount they will give to you am asking more doubts they told no need to worry that is simple work and they make me to do signature for registration purpose and they are asking my id proof.

that cheated people they never said regarding agreement and all .

after some time they called and they informed to are you ready to do the work am asking again doubt they told 10 days you have to do afterwords you wish you want means you continue otherwise no problem.after finishing they send one agreement by copying my signature in that about which they never said before regarding agreement. Then I started work. After 2 days they said ur id  is blocked due to multiple logins and logouts. I was surprised.

suddenly after 10 days they called from 9871406712 as and legal associate and said that you have to pay 12500 to clear the penalty to avoid legal process. Earlier I protested but later i paid. Again they called and said i need to pay 18500 to clear legal penalty to avoid legal case. They scared me such that I was forced to pay cryingly. He assured immediately they send Noc. But again they said its already 6pm so court is closed and now i have to pay 30500 as late penalty to get noc. I was shocked and then avoided them and blocked the number. Today again I got a call and whatsapp message from 9766521891 stating i am due to them and they will forward case to my nearby police stations and also file a legal case. I blocked that too. Dear friends its a big cheat company which even doesnt exist it seems.

Plz take legal actions against them by tracing these numbers.

Image Uploaded by BHARGAV MUNGI:

Crom technology gujarat blackmailing to send money on demand or threatening of legal process

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