Awful service from Flipkart-Delayed delivery causing complications-There is no accotability

Name of Complainant Somen Dutta
Date of ComplaintOctober 18, 2017
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Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Somen Dutta:

Most frustrating experience with Flipkart, YOU SPOILT MY DIWALI. Order no OD110486911897531000 placed on 15/10/17 with delivery date of 17/10/17, exchanging my old Iphone 4S here. On 17th night delivery person refused to deliver the new Iphone 7 because the old Iphone is on the setting screen, he wanted me to insert the sim card, get the phone to menu screen so he can check the EMEI number. Because I am at office, I asked him to come early morning on 18th. I informed him that I will be out for office after 12 noon and then going out of station, he promised to come early morning after 9:30 am. On 18th Morning, there is no SMS or call from delivery person, so I called customer service. Surprisingly I am told that the delivery has been pushed out to 21st. I am cancelling the order right away and will make sure I avoid Flipkart in future. I can’t explain the frustration, disappointment. Not to mention the addition accessories that I ordered which will have to be cancelled now for the time being.


PS: This is what I got from Flipkart. (1) No mention of a EMEI check or not to reset to Factory before delivery person can check (2) Delivery person confirmed that there is no receipt for old phone pick up. Both are not aligned to the email received from Flipkart.


  • STEP 1: Ready for pickup

o   Please ensure that the old-item that you have promised is ready, if possible provide us original box or else a suitable box in which product can be safely transported back to us.

o   Do not seal the package as the contents will be verified, packed and sealed by our Courier Executive.

o   Please do a factory reset of your product and erase any personal data before handing it over.

  • STEP 2: Sign Declaration Form

o   Courier executive will give you a declaration form, which confirms the details of the old item and also confirms that you are handing over old item as part of exchange offer. Please sign the Declaration form and return it back to the Courier Executive. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

Please retain the acknowledgment slip (Proof Of Delivery) provided by courier partner, for future reference.

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Awful service from Flipkart-Delayed delivery causing complications-There is no accotability

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