Work From Home Fraud by Crop Technology

Name of Complainant Sanket Balapurkar
Date of ComplaintMarch 7, 2019
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Category of complaint Miscellaneous
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Text of Complaint by Sanket Balapurkar:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have received a call by Crop Technology, he offered a job of Data Entry where I have to fill 1000 forms online in 11 days for which they have offered 30Rs per form & 80% of Forms needs to be filled correctly.

After a day of filling the form, the website automatically logged out & a message poped up that the Account is blocked due to multiple login, whereas I have not even changed the wifi or laptop to open the link.

After searching on similar on internet, I have found out that they are doing it purposely.

Also, they are calling & threatning that they will drag us to court, since they have sent us a link with 100 Rs Stamp Paper & made us to sign on that paper.

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18 thoughts on “Work From Home Fraud by Crop Technology

  1. I have a complaint against fraud company Crop Technology which recently contacted me for data entry work on 5th March from number 7285899977 by the name of Pooja. She told me that by entering 1000 forms as per their format and with 80%of accuracy As per them RS 6000 with be deducted from first month compensation of RS 3000 as registration amount. So they were about to pay me RS 24000 in first month after deducting registration amount and afterwards RS 30000. The data was to be uploaded on 6th March 12am. They asked me address proof and made some online agreement and gave User Id and Password to be used. Condition was to work on laptop or computer without multiple logins. They even done one verification call from number 9081278671.So I started worked after 12am on 6th mid night. After entering nearly 12 forms my account got logged out and the message which was displayed was due to multiple login the account got deactivated. I messages the customer support and the number of Pooja but there was no resposne. I even sent mail on their customer support but of no use. Till 10 am on 6th no revert and not picking the calls/number switched off continued. I sent them message that if I don’t get revert I will nullify the terms. After that at around 10:35 I called on Pooja’s number and she was laughing that who will deactivated your Id at night and was asking me the registration money to which I refused as till that time I got to know that company is fake. Today I got the message from their so called legal department 9724368063 that they are sending me legal notice. Kindly help and resolve the issue.

    1. This happen with me also same problem just now my account was also deactivated by them I had filled 180 forms but I msg to her whtsap no no reply was got till now

  2. Hi Rahul,

    please let me know what to do same is happpen with me. have you pay the money or just ignor it.


  3. I have got the same issue and have got the same mail….. i think its a big fraud set up done to cheat innocent people like us.

    Need to know if anyone got any legal letter delivered at their home address on the letter head of the lawyer or a law firm. they sent me a legal notice on whatsapp on a plain A4 sheet. i think their plan is to extort money by just threatening

    Has anyone paid any money ?

  4. this is a designed fraud. ignore it
    i disscuss this issue with my uncle he is a lawyer in high court he said to me as of now no agreement is valid on rs.100 stamp paper. also i notice i thing on stamp paper that in stamp of notary year is 2002.

    1. i was contacted by this company.i have signed the agreement but not started the work. Frankly speaking dont want to.,what should i do?are their threats, notices and lawyer real ? Can they sue me over this ? Please reply as soon as you can.!!!!!!!

    2. Please tell me what to do, i am facing yhe same issue. Is it really legal or just making fool of us to get money illegaly.

  5. Hello, I was also working near about 300forms filled up but that company was not what it says. Dont Panic. Just be united and if anything happens we can file a case against false claims and extortion caselike that against this company so not another one of us be fraud by these asshats.

  6. Hello guys, I am also facing the same issue. Guys if anyone know how to tackle this, please let me know and even i had already paid a penalty to them rs 26000

  7. Same problem with me. Software blocked charged pay in account.
    Legl. Dept. no 7303028424 call me today 5/4/19.

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