Vodafone Network issue from past 2 Moths

Name of Complainant Rohan Rampal
Date of ComplaintJune 14, 2018
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Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Rohan Rampal:

Dear Vodafone,

Today Dated : 13/06/18 your internet services are down but here again you have FAILED to even send an sms to your customers to inform of the issue. Have already complaint on the matter but I know there would be non action taken Complaint nos- 1963492622 & spoke to your so called Call centre employees Ashwini. At least she understood the mistakes you guys do and they have to clean up the mess.

Let Me come to my problem now. Provided a complaint on no network at all.

So I don’t get any internet nor network in My entire house I have to come down 6floors and come outside my building to call and get Internet.

The complaint has been raised not even once you spoke to Me on this. In you system you have mentioned you called My alternative nos. Coz there it is you were unable to contact Me. My Dads alternative nos. You called only 2 times in the past 2 months. Guys I am sorry but I have to mention this that even a courier service of products keeps you informed till where the product is come.

But here @ Vodafone I don’t how laid back employees you have now that you are not even able to resolve or keep the customer updated on the concerned raised by him. What if any urgency and I don’t get the call or what if I have to call an ambulance or a doctor and I am not able to coz I have no network who is to be blamed ? Do you guys even run on any SOP or it’s like no rules Company?

Even your Vodafone centre are a mess, you guys don’t even have professional working there who can resolve issues, they only know how to just pass the ball to one another.

Finally you guys make us wait for 12-15mins just to talk to a representative from Vodafone. Plus you even say on your automated voice call that 10mins wait do you accept but do I have a choice NO right?

I don’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments or tell here anyone how to run a business you know your stuff either your digging your grave (loosing customers)or digging for a pot of gold (gaining customers).

Hoping again soon the problem and concerns I have raised will be taken on a seriously.



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Vodafone Network issue from past 2 Moths

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