Vodafone Complaints: Overcharged for months scammed

Name of Complainant Sk Ali Asghar
Date of ComplaintDecember 25, 2017
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Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Sk Ali Asghar:

Being overcharged for months, and these customers exiquitives ignoring all complaints ..very disappointed with service also..
Adding services which clearly I remember not taking
And yes my plans is 699 not even a months I have got bills little reasonable
It was never less than 1200
4-5 months ago the bill peaked to 1800-2000..
I am not liking service and the scam thing of your company
I am ready to pay my bills,Wht I have used
Why should I even pay for the things I haven’t subscribed and used..
I have screenshot of each and every bills I payed and
how much of what I have used
It’s enough for the rest of the people to know the theft of this provider and il surely make my surroundings people and knowing people stop using Vodafone and I make sure that’s this provider is Robbing every customers bits and making the profit..
No matter what it takes this time this ain’t going down

Image Uploaded by Sk Ali Asghar:

Vodafone Complaints: Overcharged for months scammed

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2 thoughts on “Vodafone Complaints: Overcharged for months scammed

  1. I was planning to quit Vodafone but they retained me to pre pay.and now i am stuck with no voice calls.i am stuck if i call customer service they asked me to wait till tomorrow morning till Vodafone store opens in morning.qithout a phone i needed hwlp as i was stuck in a very difficult situation. Every time i call customer service they asked to call pre pay.they gave me 5 different numbers and all were connected to post pay..WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE.I THINK I SHOULD HAVE QUIT VODAFONE LONG BACK.EVEN AFTER FALSE COMMITMENTS FROM VODAFONE I WAS STILL WITH YOU PEOPLE. I AM SORRY TO SAY U DONT CARE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS.I KNOW IT IS USELESS TO LODGE THIS COMPLAINT BUT ATLEAST IFEEL I HAVE INFORMED U.NOW I AM PLANNING TO GIVE INTERNET FEEDBACK.

  2. I recharged ₹ 599 for 180 days but my recharge has been changed to 84 days for 599. I have done wrong. Please help me. My mobile no 9212426004

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