Ragarding refund

Name of Complainant Abhishek Soni
Date of ComplaintOctober 16, 2021
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Abhishek Soni:

I ordered a bluetooth but when i got it it was not the same Then I told everything to the customer care then they did it back and second as a bluetooth replacement then when wishmaster came for the pickup, they refused to take the pickup and did not even give my replacement bluetooth and also delivered it while he i didn’t get bluetooth Then when I talked to the customer care, they said that you can request for a refund from the item missing reason, so I did the same
But when I put the returns request, it has been rejected four times from your side till now.
While I have also shared my Aadhar card with you
I have put a return request again sir please see this because sir now i can’t keep calm
My account details are below
Name- Abhishek Soni
Mobile number -9570236803
Email id-sk841219ss@gmail.com
1st order id-OD222984332341801000
1st return id-12102300150734644347
1st return id of replaced earbud-12202302975394535757
2nd return id-12202302992922696724
3rd return id-12102303586194096351
4th return id-12202306129827215756
5th return id-12202306763230360850
All the return request has been cancelled and also my account has been blocked and i did not get any refund

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Ragarding refund

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