Paytm mall lucky draw fraud

Name of Complainant Saarika
Date of ComplaintAugust 21, 2019
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Saarika:

  • I have ordered an earphones on 15 August 2019 in Paytm and received it on 19th August 2019… But on 21st August 2019 morning I got a call from Paytm lucky draw department ( Nitin Kumar Singh: pH no 7766912951) and said I have won RS.12,60,000 lucky draw for the earphones which I have purchased… So to get this amount I should transfer RS.3,600 as government charges… I said I’m not interested but that person convinced me to pay this amount… And sent me(STATE BANK OF INDIA NAME:->AMEER KHAN A/C:->37216047420 IFSC:->SBIN0031280)this details and I transfered… Then again after sometime he asked me to transfer RS.15,400 as processing fee so again I paid this amount… And after sometime he asked me to pay RS. 25,200 as GST charges so I said I cannot pay but that person assured me telling that it’s a refundable amount so trusting him I paid… Again he asked me to send RS. 42,200 as FRC charge but this time I said I don’t want any amount please send back all amount which I have sent you till now, but I again got a call from (Manish Shukla ph no. 9801907735 SBI Bank manager) and said me to pay the amount, Later that amount will be refunded to your bank account don’t worry and sent me this bank details (State bank of india-name -Avinash kumar ac no 38608116743 Ifc code SBIN0060459) and he also he threatened me to transfer the amount immediately he was calling continuously and asking for RS. 42,200… So I transfered it… And again after sometime I didn’t get any amount from them so I got scared and call to both the person and enquiry about it… But here they said me to pay RS. 18,900 as account forward from savings bank to current account processing fee… Now, I was very strictly said that I’ll not gonna transfer any money but here literally those guys starting threatening me to pay if not I won’t get any refund amount which I paid till now but I said I’ll complain to online frauds but they convinced me telling that if I pay RS. 18,900 now after 5 minutes it will be refunded with RS. 12,60,000 and all the amount which I have paid till now and also assured me sending me their I’d card… So I trusted them and transfered RS. 18,900 also believing that I’ll get refund…. Now here is the biggest turn again I didn’t get any response or amount to my bank account so I called them and asked so now they said me to pay RS. 72,400 as media charges if I pay that they will credit me the entire amount with refund… Now I said no I will not do so they said they they cannot pay me any amount and they don’t even refund the amount which I have sent till now in total I have sent them RS. 1,05,200… And now he is calling me and blackmailing me to transfer RS. 72,400… So now I’m trapped in this problem please help me in taking back my amount… And take an action on these kind of fraudulent companies..

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