MobiSos debit order

Name of Complainant Bonile Goswana
Date of ComplaintJuly 1, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Bonile Goswana:

This company took my money without my permission. They debited R97.00, there was no agreement whatsoever for them to do this debit check and I can’t reverse it.

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MobiSos debit order

74 thoughts on “MobiSos debit order

  1. I am waiting for my cell phone delivery, seven days passed and I was approved. Please help, what’s the last procedure. R97 was also deducted what is it for?

    1. I have been waiting for the phone but I don’t get anything if I won’t get my phone then cancel Mandate R97

      1. Yey you scumbags who gave you a permission to take my money into my account with out my permission I never asked you anything and I don’t know you give me back my money

    2. Me also
      No phone was delivered.
      They been deducting for 4 months
      After numerous emails to them the have not replied.they horrible

      1. They scammed me too they not answering their phones they chose a phone for me as they deducting the amount we never agreed on

  2. They debit my money but i never get a cellphone but we finished contact last month on the 25 this mobisos is a scam mxm I will dipute my money

  3. Text of Complaint by Noluthando Dladla

    This company took my money without my permission. They debited R97.00, there was no agreement whatsoever for them to do this debit check and I can’t reverse it.

    1. the same happen to me i called them yesterday and the phone was drop …also R97.00 and without my permission

      and no agreement

      i call again yesterday the ladie gave me 087 …. number but nothing


      help to stop this debiet order

    2. same to me dear and this is for second month now. ive seen their debit order n i didnt accept it so i dnt know how they managed to take my money

  4. They have debit R97 .but bathe my cell c contract was unsuccessful…when I am trying to call them ..there lnd line is not available ?. I wants my money back

    1. They did the very same thing with me. There has to be a way to dispute this because it is against the law no? Mobisos ke scam! Fraudulent

      1. Please what can I do I’m having the same problem no cellphone but every 25th they deduct a R97

  5. they debited my money and i dont even know their reason cos i cant remember me giving them my account details. please cancel this thing and just bring my money back. please please please

  6. I want u to cancel d debit of 97 pls coz hvnt received the fone from January till nw bt u keep taking d 97 out of my account

    1. Hi please stop debit money from my account i called to cancel the contract but you keep on debiting R97 I want it back.

  7. This mobisos is a sh*t they took my money without me getting anything from them,i applied for a cellphone contract and i dont even get any feedback from them.

  8. hi why am i being debited R97 FROM MOBISOS i dont anything from that i must be debited for?and am trying to CALL you putting on hold this is a fraud

  9. There was no agreement between me nd Mobisos to debut my money I dnt even hv the cell phone on me, they just debited without my permission how do they do that even. I justwnt my money back please help us on how to cancel this debit those who managed to.

  10. I was also approved to receive a cellphone from Mobisos and was expecting a delivery but more than 7 days has passed and i still have not recieved it and a deduction of R97 was made to my account even though i did not receive the phone.

  11. R97 deducted from my account, called email given but its undelivered not exist. Cellphone not received but money deducted, please refund

  12. Please Cancel your debit order from my account, otherwise we will find you and it won’t be nice. I will organize everybody complaining and then we sue you and failure to pay would lead to mob justice. Personally, don’t test me.

  13. They have been deducting R97 for two months now and I don’t know what the services are for so I need them to stop the debit order and I can’t even stop nor reverse it.

  14. Also have thisi problem they deduct my money every month since February I’m now want to cancel I’d no one do it I’m calling every time but nothing plz

  15. They have debited R97 for May and June, just only discovered recently .but my cell c contract was unsuccessful. But when I am trying to call them to cancel they don’t answer the phone,
    please help because the bank can’t assist with debit check (from capitec)

  16. Hi, my name is Virginia phuti Morifi, U have debited my money in my account but I haven’t received any phone, ND I want you to either you refund me or give me a phone, because I remember you telling me that you won’t take any money without giving me a phone,, what’s going on here, is this how you scam us

  17. Omw the same here this is to much complaints for anyone not to take note how can capitec bank nit Pick this up as fraudulent

  18. I’m so sick and tired plz , I’m surprised because I didn’t give anyone my details plz help my people 97 is to much ,yooo I can’t anymore

  19. Thy have been debiting R97.00 from my account for as far as my bank statements can be retrieved. How do I get my money back?

  20. Please help mobisos debited R97 from my account they said cellphone application was unsuccessful, but they still took my money. how do i cancel this stupid thing.

  21. yeses my application was successful but i thing i didnt give my address and they already took my R97 from last month….so what iam i supposed to do….????

  22. We gonna take action for your scamm now you untrusted if you continue tooking my money i swear all God knows

  23. I want my money back r140 every month but the phone is not with me mobile you’re scam damn reverse my money please before we taking this to far

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