Outgoing validity of airtel prepaid mobile

Name of Complainant Aswathy K
Date of ComplaintNovember 21, 2018
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Category of complaint Mobile Phone
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Text of Complaint by Aswathy K:

My name is aswathy.. my phone number is 8139856180… I recharged my airtel number for 1000 rupee last month… The offer disguised me as it was saying life time validity but actually outgoing validity is for only 28 days… This is cheating… I have more than 700 rupee balance now… And the validity left is for just one week… Please take necessary steps to avoid these kind of fraudulent activites


Aswathy K

  • Kerala

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Outgoing validity of airtel prepaid mobile

9 thoughts on “Outgoing validity of airtel prepaid mobile

  1. The same problem is persisting me. Highly unprofessional behavior by airtel. I atleast need a refund of my present ac bal before ditching the Sim.

  2. The concept of outgoing validity is illogical. If airtel is providing a lifetime validity for account balance then why outgoing validity is 28 days? We have recharged our number with sufficient amount and now do we need to invest more for OG validity? This is insanely useless!!

  3. Well the move by telcos is utter shit and also revenue generator. Still give people ample amount of time, forcing customers to shell out money is not a good idea.

  4. This is complete rubbish by telcos with no doubt. If that is the case, give a year to the customer to use all the existing money and then throw the sim out of the phone. This cannot be done with an sms just giving a week or 2 to use all your money right.

  5. As a part of #WeDontWantCustomers policy of Vodafone and Airtel, It’s now mandatory to recharge for ₹35 (that’s a minimum) to extend the validity for next 28 days and then you have to recharge again. AFAIK BSNL have a plan validity of 6 months before you have to recharge again and Jio is another portable option.

  6. This is unethical on part of Airtel to suddenly curb the validity of sim cards unless recharged every few days. Legal action should be taken against Airtel

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