Online Job fraud against CTM Travel management

Name of Complainant Sarath Nair
Date of ComplaintOctober 2, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Sarath Nair:

Nainika named girl called me and briefed about a online job where i would make daily Rs.1500-1600. They told me its a task based job and have to complete 30 task before withdrawing the amount. Initially after completing the task they deposited some 800 rupees into my account and then they asked for Rs. 10000 and then on 16th task i got a premium task where they demanded Rs.11,300 which i deposited and then after the task i was asked to withdraw the amount of which i withdar 15600 and left 10000 in the accoungt in order to continue the job further. Then the next day on the 11st task i got a premium of Rs.33,527 which i deposited and then on 16th task i git premium of Rs.35,663 then i know this was a trap, then in 21st task again they asked for Rs, 98,805 and then i called them and they assured that I would be able to withdraw the whole amount so I deposited the amount and then on 26th task i again got a premium task Rs. 240354 and then i again i took the loan and made the payment in order to get my money back and then on 28th task they again asked for Rs. 460857 which i again took a loan and made the payment since now i only wanted my money back and only two task where left and after completing my 30th task they again asked me Rs. 9,56,322 for which i raised obejection and then they still kept on telling me you just have to pay this much and you woould be able to retrieve Rs. 19,92,586 for which i raised complaint and went to cyber crime on the spot and registered a complaint with them and then from next day their customer care or the people who where in touch with me are not responding or are have vanished and even the account is not active. Please do the needful

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Online Job fraud against CTM Travel management

24 thoughts on “Online Job fraud against CTM Travel management

    1. Can you tell me have you got your money back Kishore I also got trapped. Any solution please if you got. Please tell me my contact number 9033500545.

    2. Hi Kishore,
      I also got trapped by this online platform guys, can you please tell me what is the way to get my money?
      Hers is contact details 9739581124.

    1. Ohh..I also got message and received 800 something. Now they are asking to deposit 10000 Rupees to continue work. One girl joined with me and she deposited as per screen shot on group and she got 16500 rupess in one day work.

  1. i think i got saved by reading all your comments, yes even i got a link via telegram by name Suhasini from Delhi and she share me the link name
    later she shared me the authority code and the moment you enter it gives you welcome bonus of 10000 but u can’t withdraw the same, when i questioned she said that you can remove it later once you complete all 30 tasks and you will get some additional amt. I completed the 30 task so I got 800 in that link account, she asked me to feed the accounts details, and i too feeded my old account which was freezed, 🙂 she came to know that the account is freezed so I said I will update another account.

    so I thought why shouldn’t i google the reviews of such incidence wherein I will get some idea, and here I saw that many people are got trapped already by this new scam.

    always be better to search some information before you take any financial decisions.
    Thank you all for sharing the real comments and am seriously saved by you all. I will be now blocking them immediately.

  2. I also got trapped for 7.2 Lakhs and then they’re asking me to deposit another 7.5 lakh to withdraw my money at the 29th task. Then I immediately reported to cybercrime and the local police station and filed the FIR. Guys, please report this incident to the police station and file the FIR otherwise no one will take action on this scam.

    Their current URL is

  3. I also got trapped by them for 1lac 65 thousand at 21 task and they are again asking for 3lacs 33 thousand more and even customer care is not replying. can anyone connect on +91-7838802739 for discussion so that we can go head to file complaint and get money back

  4. This is a very serious scam.
    I too got trapped and lost 22L.
    Can someone please help to get the money back?

  5. Request all you of victim to share your phone number so that will be in touch and create WhatsApp group together and will report together this in cybercrime cell. I will go to report this incident on 2nd Dec 2022 positively in my nearest cybercrime branch

    1. I’m reachable at +91 9679988161 (call & WhatsApp).
      Please help us so that proper action can be taken against the culprits.
      The CS number of CTM is 093421 80171.
      There is another number of the same person: 093600 94341.
      We can ask the police to search for the locations and get the IMEI number and track their present number and locations.

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