Mpl Knife hit tournament cheating

Name of Complainant Rakesh
Date of ComplaintOctober 31, 2020
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Category of complaint Mobile Phone
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Text of Complaint by Rakesh:

in mpl gaming app. Knife hit rapid fire tournament is present. It is of 2hours and 30minutes duration. For each game takes 2minutes. Some times if opponent skip the game you will win but maximum a person can win 70 to 90 games . But some people are using multiple phone and same account. And winning each game within 10second. I have reported to mpl service team but they are not taken any action on it. Those people are still playing . I spent a lot of time in that game and these people are doing some tricks and winning easily

Image Uploaded by Rakesh:

Mpl Knife hit tournament cheating

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One thought on “Mpl Knife hit tournament cheating

  1. I don’t know why MPL blocks the members in Knifehit section if they hit the knife above the number 12k or 13k. How could it be cheating? It could be the speed of the player who’s playing the game. Blocking this way for no reason is out of sense. The app must improve itself to know what cheating stands for . It’s unfair to block genuine members.

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