Money fraud

Name of Complainant Juwel sk
Date of ComplaintAugust 22, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Banking
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Text of Complaint by Juwel sk:

Im was living in murshidabad but the money withdraw from another state ..How this is possible ? I only withdraw 90-100 for a mobile reachrge you are sent email for repayment 9996 rupees .. The total 5000 thousands rupees were withdrawn by dhoom and how i dont know .. Im live in murshidabad and the card was swiped gurugaon ..What a iggogical matter .. If there is problem about security its your fault not mine … If I agree to repay the about of 5000 how can in 6 months the total repayment amount increase 9996 ? Are you joking ..I cant say all these things to my family so I have only one option and that is suicide ..If I commit suicide ..I expose all things how you and your company swallows all uneducated poor men..Thank you ..I want to solve this matter or commit suicide my hand have some prove who were cheated as similar as me ..

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Money fraud

One thought on “Money fraud

  1. Dear Juwel sk,
    Our team tried to contact you but could’t get through. We request you to provide an alternate number via DM One of our representatives will contact you shortly in this regards.
    Neha, Team Dhani

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