Inaccurate image, depicting low quality product after arrival

Name of Complainant Xylene Joyce F. Mariano
Date of ComplaintSeptember 10, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Health & Beauty
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Text of Complaint by Xylene Joyce F. Mariano:

We browse through images in order to know what are the things that we need and should purchase, firstly all those we need and will contribute to our daily lives. Therefore, there will always be this one specific product where the price does not really match its quality; unstitched fabrics, inaccurate cloth quality compared to its description, or cloths that can’t be easily worn because its sizes of measurement does not rely accurately with its initial product. What’s worse is the product costs over 300+ but it can’t be even worn and altered due to its very small size that even your own arms and neck can’t fit onto it. The cloth is too hot for the skin which we can compare to other products with low prices but does have a high quality condition. On the other hand, the top’s design is very good but its quality can’t sustain my needs and standards as a consumer.

Image Uploaded by Xylene Joyce F. Mariano:

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