I have no money to finish VIP TASK

Name of Complainant Alphonsa
Date of ComplaintSeptember 23, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Alphonsa:

Respected Ma’am/Sir,
I Alphonsa Augustine from India.. I am a kindergarten teacher..I would like to inform you that yesterday I joined your Amazon company for one job I got VIP task, interested 200rs and i got money 330 money from this task.. Then again i got 4 task I gave total 17020rs.. Many time I said I have no money with proof… In my total 20000rs in that money I gave 170720..again I want to give 20000rs… Before this task I said many time I said I have no that much money… My guide ma’am saying your company will give penality.. Ma’am I gave my every money.. Then also you are saying me like.. I gave every proof… My guide ma’am did not believe… If you give finished task money I can deposit this money… Or I want to discontinue this job.. I believed your company ma’am.. I trusted your company.. Again also that I believing your company.. I believe that You can understand my situations.. I haven’t anything.. Anyway thanking you for my guide’s good words and guid did for me..Ma’am I haven’t any money.. If you want any proof for anything I will give
I hop that you and your company will understand and help me.
Very sincerely
Alphonsa Augustine
Kerala, India..

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I have no money to finish VIP TASK

One thought on “I have no money to finish VIP TASK

  1. Same as happened with me. Some one approached me and trapped me in this VIP task but once I started the tast and they had my 90000 and now they are not paying me and held this all amount with them. They are stealing from innocent ppl and they are trapping by their work. Firstly they will pay you for 1 or 2 tasks completed. But when you continue they will keep you forcing to deposit certain amount and do the task. They did to me. When I have done all tasks they told me to deposit security amount of 20000. I did and arranged said amount. When I withdrew money they held my money and freezed my money and enforced me to do last job for today. Then I insisted not to doing that job but they insisted me to do this. I really trapped by their fraudulent ways. Plz help me in resolving my issues and I help me out to get my money of Rs. 90000. They are fraud.

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