I have been scammed by a company jumiams.Com

Name of Complainant Sunny Ukaha
Date of ComplaintMay 12, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Sunny Ukaha:

Recently i started an online investment with a company with 3k to do some task and earn commission. I did first time k withdraw my initial deposit and commission. Then i started another task another day but the more money i put in the more the task increased. I couldn’t continue because the task was much and the money to recharge keep increasing. I asked for a refund of my capital investment which the customer care refused to refund me but said i must finish the task completed before i can withdraw. I believe i have been scammed by this company please help me fight my case for the release of my investment funds of upto 154k.

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6 thoughts on “I have been scammed by a company jumiams.Com

  1. I was scammed by a company in the name of konga18.com, but there name has changed to jumiams now… I invested on there online job… But my money has hooked since last month… Have not been able to withdraw because of unfinished task… I wanted to my initial deposit of 264000…have not been able to do that too… Please help me because this money was borrowed and the owners of the money are disturbing badly

      1. Same with me, i have been trying to login for the past few days now, the response is that the 404 is not found, i don’t know the meaning of 404.

  2. Someone I know has been scammed of N288 000 by this same site. It’s all the same pattern as logged by the complanants.

    I call for justice please!

  3. My name is Uba uchenna, i have been scammed with this same jumiams. Com. I invested #49,999 , i wanted to withdraw my capital which is #49,999 because i noticed that the more i invest the higher the tasks become. I asked them to give me back my capital they refuse on till i complete the tasks. Please i want my money back, i don’t even need the commissions all i want is my initial capital #49,999.

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