I am divya.one day a chat came to my whatsapp and they told me that they are providing me a online home based jobs.

Name of Complainant Divya .C
Date of ComplaintMay 14, 2021
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Divya .C:

One day a company chat and call me that they are providing me a job online.
They got my adhaar details and told me after signed in if you have to fill 500forms in 5days as 90%of criteria.
After 5days were completed the next day they call me and ask me to pay a penalty amount on incomplete working.as600+gst to pay.
And I was shocked 😲 about this scam.after a day I checked their phone numbers and they are all scammers.
Today I got a message from ANBPROJECTION they take a legal action against me.so help us from this scammers because many of them were lost their money in this type of torturing and they told me to pay amount.incase they will file a case at Indore . help us from this scammers.

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44 thoughts on “I am divya.one day a chat came to my whatsapp and they told me that they are providing me a online home based jobs.

  1. This same company has harrassing me also. The same Ditto happen with me except I fill all 500 forms in 4 days. Miss Swati is there who insisted us to do that job work. There was a doubt on 1 and l in the forms despite reminding several times she didn’t tell the correct form to fill, means should I to read this 1 or l. On the 5th day when I started checking the work to correct any mistake if it is there. They cease my 1st 250 forms work so that I could not ammend the forms. I submitted the all 500 forms with correctness. Now, the site is showing that my QC is failed and I have to pay 6000+GST. However, as per the agreement if I fail to achieve 90% accuracy the company will pay deducting 5Rs per page(₹35-5) but post submission of my work they are not ready to pay my amount and even they asking and compelling me to pay approx 7000Rs otherwise ready to face legal action. I have also received the same message. What should I to do plz guide

    1. I got the same, actually i started today. but was facing difficulty now i got to know actually what is this.

      1. Hi sneha did you find any solution? After signing i immediately check and saw this post got to know what a mess i have invited in my life. I immediately blocked themi didn’t even start the work. Please tell what is the current scenario of yours???

  2. I Am facing the same problem they called me by many fraud no. and text msg me that your legal case id is — —– and hire a lawyer etc etc shit .

    Please help us with this …

    1. Guys please don’t worry and don’t pay a single rupee… If in case u pay they will ask for more saying pay 10k to remove FIR …. I SIMPLY TOMD THEM THAT I HAVE PAID 7K AND PHOTOSHOP GPAY DETAILS N SENT , SHE CALLED THINKING I HAVE PAID 7K N ASKED for more 10k…. So don’t fall for this

      1. Ma’am today i got the same msg so i don’t need to give them a single rupee ? This company is fraud?

  3. After sign i got to saw this post just 5 mintues late. I didn’t even start the work i immediately block them can anyone know what we suppose to do now????

      1. Don’t be scared Taiba kuch ni hogaa ignore kro.. Paise bilkul mat dena unhee.

  4. I faced the same and now I have blocked their numbers from everywhere… Can u plzz tell the steps…

    1. Just block the number dia don’t worry kuch nahi hogaaa. They are fake. Phone h mat uthao ignore kro. Aur company ki yaha esi site par complain krdo.
      Don’t be scared.
      Watch this video also https://youtu.be/_I_jBPbS5JA

      Maine ye video dekha i found it helpful. U can also watch

      1. Thank you so much…. this vedio is really helpful…. i am facing the same problem. I also signed and started the work on 3th june 2021 but for some medical issue i couldn’t continue my work…. so i inform them. Then after some time they send me a threatening email. I really got scared.

      1. I also faced the same problem.
        I took this work on 3 june and completed till 8 june.. tomorrow i received the work report they mentioned that i attempted 451 forms wrong so you are faild in this QC. And actually that forms were not correctly checked. Today i received a called directly from a lawer of that company and asked me for company damage that is 7k . Now i checked on google and saw that this is happening with many people and i also noticed that these all cases are in same month that is may 1st week.. guys thanks for sharing your experience and comments these are really helpful. At last i have a querry they have my adhar card and i am lil bit worry what to do? Please suggest

  5. I faced the same and Can u guys tell me how to get rid from from this? I am very scared and feeling depressed.

  6. Dear Sir, 🙏🙏

    Sir, the organization is being run in a
    very wrong way, people are being cheated,
    I am requesting you to take work from home,
    please take this action.

    Many people have complained to them
    but nothing has happened,
    I am giving you their website phone,
    where fraud scam shows are already
    happening, they hack the personal details
    of people including Aadhar card , Pan Card

    Website Link 👇👇

    whatsapp no : 78739-22350 , Miss Khushi Sir, Please Take Action this Organization

      1. Aap sabhi ka fear hi scamers ki takat hai so aap log daro nahi o log aapko warning denge lekin karenge kuchh bhi nahi isliye koi bhi mat daro aur block all contacts related to scamers

  7. I also facing same problem. Help me guys please.
    http://www.ingbjobs.com is a fake website

    Their whatsapp no – 9054024381
    I’ve started on 1 July 2021 but now I stoped working. What should I do now ?

    Please help me ………………………

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