hello my name is Parag Jambhekar my complaint abt vikas patel army ON OLX

Name of Complainant Parag Jambhekar
Date of ComplaintMay 2, 2019
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Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Parag Jambhekar:

A fraud person in OLX having IDs with the name Vikash Patel and Vikas Patel cheateing people by selling  four wheelers on olx, projecting him as an army person (giving army canteen smart card, aadhar card and driving licence). Taking advances through paytm and giving receipt of army. Next day call comes from an army delivery person and asking transfer of more money. No vehicle is delivered. For proof one newspaper reports and one complaint to cyber cell is attached herewith. It is my humble request to everyone in my friends list please share to maximum in your friend circle. This group needs to be arrested.

Image Uploaded by Parag Jambhekar:

hello my name is Parag Jambhekar my complaint abt vikas patel army ON OLX

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4 thoughts on “hello my name is Parag Jambhekar my complaint abt vikas patel army ON OLX

  1. Vikas Patel is an INNOCENT Army person and a Victim in this Fraud episode, rather who Paid are Fools and have less knowledge on secure paying through online and with common sense !

    I am sharing my similar experience – I got a similar Call from the Number 7838356822 stating himself as Vikas Patel as an Army Man and showed eagerness to buy my Cooler (through OLX ad) in a hurry, where he asked my online PayTM details to pay ME for the same as of Rs.4,000. He repeatedly asked me to hurry on my details so he may pay for the Cooler as he needs to hurry to sign in for the Army Duty. So I provided my PayTM number, he then asked me to Accept his initiation from the UPI option (means from direct Bank account) through my PayTM App and in the SMS I found a message asking to Accept, so the amount of Rs. 4,000 to be Debited (means rather coming money from the Frauds, my money will be received to them from my Account while Acceptance submit). Many people do not understand the meaning of Debited as money going to others and Credited money coming to self Account and DO THE MISTAKE to get their money go to the FRAUDS !

    ** Later I found the Caller showed the name as ASPAK KHAN (the Fraud)
    ** PayTM Account used to Fraud and receive money in the name of IQBAL SINGH

    Nothing matches, 3 different names found in this episode !

    Both where the Muslim Guys !!!

  2. Samit Mahimkar : I also put ad on olx for selling my old bed.
    When I put ad at next 3 min. I got call that I will send request on paytm for money pls. accept it . I got alert with in 2 -3 mins how this call came. So I deny for this deal and also delete ad from olx. Understand how this fraud people making fool to people’s.
    Please always be alert from fake calls.

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