fraud company

Name of Complainant Mohit chouhan
Date of ComplaintNovember 25, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Mobile Phone
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Text of Complaint by Mohit chouhan:

Pay Le WhatsApp page message came from the company person and told that you can start this work with 100 rupees and go ahead and earn good money, so I recharged 100 rupees to the company people and the company people mine. Registered and company people asked to download telegram I downloaded telegram company people in telegram a link sendkara mall mentor 371 click on this link A brother talked about what to do, then he told about the work, I liked the work, after hearing the work, the brother told that you will get 10% discount on your every order, then I thought that it is a good work, I can do this work for my home. I started this work after paying the expenses and Udar and I invested 1200 rupees in it by taking Udar from my friend and I placed the order and my discount was getting added then the money I withdrawn was not getting withdrawn. Then I told Mall MENTOR 371 who was on Telegram to that brother That brother, this money is not being withdrawn and the time has started on the time order and the time is not small and fat, the time was also of 9 months, now wait for 9 months to cancel the order, then I said to brother, brother, you Stop this time friend, my money got stuck and the work is not progressing further, then they said that you have to recharge the company people, then invest the money back, where did I have so much money, then I stopped that work and told my brother You do like this, you just return my 1200 rupees Do not take me money from the company’s app hi rko paise bhaiyya ji refused that’s it sir if you can get money from this company please return my money I am from a very poor family

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