Fraud calling for work from home to convert jpg to pdf images

Name of Complainant Narmada
Date of ComplaintDecember 30, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Narmada:

I got a call from mr. Manohar ( +91 99125 20906)this is phone number of him he explained about the work which is daily 200 pages have to convert jpg to pdf or word for 5 days and they provide fake rules copy and sent to me I did work daily and sent there provided email id.. then they told me I’ll get payment in 72 hours but it’s been 15 days now they sent a fake id or code link procedure but that code is showing invalid then thatperson told me to send 699 to 9705992360@airtel tis upi id or I did paid after that they provide me a fake code to enter to link and said then only I’ll get username and password after that on Dec 28th 2020 they sent a fake user name and password I entered that with the link the salary showed 62600/ but I cannot able to transfer that amount so again I contact manohar he told me to pay 1569+35 to teamfinace@scb then only I can transfer my salary but I didn’t pay this amount and this upi id showing the name of chandrashekhar goud gadagoni. So they are sending back to back messages to pay the amount but I am not going to payy.. so this is fraud gang and they are taking too nicely with us I asked his native he said Andhra Pradesh but he is talking proper kannada I asked him about this but he told I know kannada very well… He is sending messages in whatsapp as well to pay.. so iam not going to pay

Image Uploaded by Narmada:

Fraud calling for work from home to convert jpg to pdf images

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19 thoughts on “Fraud calling for work from home to convert jpg to pdf images

  1. I am prabhu from chennai, above mentioned the same problem happen to me, some women call to me and then explain about job image to pdf converter, and i worked 1 week and send the projects daily basis
    then she paid 681 amount to 9705665796@airtel, and then given user id and password with one link,
    and then click the link put the username and password our dashboard screen is 1.Check Salary 2.Claim Amount 3.Add minimum Amount in rapid Paiza 1697 amount. unable to withdraw the amount. same issue for me please kindly clear the issues.

    1. Bro same problem happens to me also. but I didn’t pay anything to them I asked them many questions they said it’s the first project we don’t have a bank account. bla bla bla. I reviewed them. finally, I got to know they are fake. please be careful before you do something. I don’t know when the govt will take action against them.

    2. Same problem I’m facing i did canversation project image converte into pdf nd have to send mail id. They provide 7 links for 7 days each links have 100 image’s. Than I completed 7 links. Than she told for wait to receive quality check report after depends upon ur working accuracy u will receive payment. Than after 5 they sent ur accuracy is 98.3 u will receive ur payment on actober 12 th @11 am. But today they send one msg to receive your payment u have to maintain minimum amount of rs 2999. I said to them I don’t have minimum balance in my account. So she replied u must nd should maintain minimum balance of rs 2999 if thr means I will inform to financial department after thet they process ur payment. I had doubt on this fake on this work but now I confirmed they r froude team members. Dabba guys simply wasted my time. but I can’t take revenge on them. Government have to take actions on this froude ppls. Don’t know when it will happen..

    3. Guys don’t pay anything for img to pdf work
      Fraud alert.
      The same thing going on to me also
      Saturday 13/11/2021

      1. Everyone please be alert don’t pay any minimum balance or anything. Fraudulent activity. Happened on Saturday 13/11/2021

    1. I am facing the same issue. But I am paid the amount Rs.2689chandrasekhara govinda Reddy. But I don’t get the payment.

    PH NO 8340036458

  3. Same problem am also facing. People are wasted my time. Sending 12links total 960. Images. I converted dailly on time but people are cheated me. His number
    8340031709. Dont go for this conversation.

    1. You paid? Even i worked for them. I didnt pay still. Her name is aleesha right? How much you paid? 4000,s or 8000,s.

  4. Hi even i met with same problem recently Dec 2021. I got cal from a girl and she told easy n simple job image to pdf conversion. 12 links for 12 days. Even I did it and sent to a given email ID. After finishing the work she told to wait for quality check and they il send you the quality report and based on that you will receive your salary. After 5 days they sent a link asked to check the salary amount I did and amount reflected was round 55000. She told tat you will receive your salary on 20th Dec 2021 wait til tat. After that they sent a link on 19th Dec 2021 and ask to check the salary amount and transfer it to your account through Google pay. When I did that it asked me to transfer 8000 rs to an account. I asked the girl who gave me the job why i should pay 8000rs and never told me about this amount when you informed me about the job, for tat she told this as been introduced this time oly even I don’t no about this. I told I don’t have the amount in my account she asked me to get money from anybody and pay then oly you Wil receive the salary. I told I don’t have frnds who give tat much amount. Then I asked her to pay for me when I receive the salary I il transfer you for that she told if I have tat much before you ask I would have paid. After 1 day again I received a message pay half tha amount and get salary then pay tha balance. But I didn’t pay any amount. I asked for company name she sent me some name and it’s France company we work for Mumbai. When I searched for that company name nothing showed on Google in that name. So please be alert about this fraud companies.

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