Fraud BLINT Consultancy

Name of Complainant Anil Chouhan
Date of ComplaintJune 30, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Anil Chouhan:

I am Anil Chouhan I signed for this job. I got a call from Virat Shah and he asked me for my ID proof. I sent him. He sent me a agreement. He said you will get a verification call and I did receive one. Ten minutes later I got my id and password. I started doing work from the assigned date and even completed on time.In my QC report I did 429 right and 61 wrong that is 87% accurate. But I told them that QC report is wrong and send me actuall report with my form screen short then that person said me that it is finall report and I will send you legally notic on your mail. I had received a notice in 30 min of rs 37950 and they said pay this money by 2 july 2020 in court naned (M.H) I am too scared now what to help me ..

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Fraud BLINT Consultancy

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3 thoughts on “Fraud BLINT Consultancy

  1. Don’t worry it’s fraud consultancy Maine bhi 3 days kam kiya phir unhone mujhe block kr diya or phir muj call krke meri hi gltu nikl muj blackmail kr rahe the maine ache se jawab diya phir sare no block krdiye phir unhone muj koi call koi mail nhi kiya yee sab fir case sab fraud hai kuch nhi hoga pr inhe koi paise mt dena yee sab drama h paise nikl ne ka

    1. Ritu do you mind texting/calling me? Im tensed and i have already given some amount to them. Help me anyone?
      8984535234(whatsapp no.)

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