Fraud agreement between me and company without knowing me.

Name of Complainant Raju
Date of ComplaintApril 25, 2021
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Raju:

On 21stof April 2021 a phone call I received from Gujarat to join data entry job at Scarlet Company where I have to do work from home. They asked me to fill up 1000 form with 90% accuracy with in 10 days and promised me to give 34rs per form.

That guy asked me for my documents which i sent and then he sent me the agreement without my consent and as i was searching for the company I found out that it is a fraud but he had already made the agreement without my knowledge and now he is saying that I’ll have to work in any condition.

The agreement is made on 21st of April 2021 but in the agreement sent by him notary is done on 2nd December which mean he has just edited my name there and attached my documents. This person has done many similar frauds with others too.
And after my first day of filling the forms(90 forms) . They banned my id and told me to repair it and for that they asked the money of 6800. And then I told them I want to eave the job and they asked me to send 5400 otherwise legal action will be taken against you.
And then the advocate Chirag Rajput(fake name) is asking me to send the 45,000(approx.) to him so he cancels the case. Can Anyone help me??

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Fraud agreement between me and company without knowing me.

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