Financial Fraud of Rs 61,000/- from my Mobikwik Wallet and ZIP paylater account to buy the items on ZOMATO

Name of Complainant Dr Neeraj Kumar
Date of ComplaintMay 26, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Dr Neeraj Kumar:

I received a call from the customer care number 8069808686 of Mobikwik mobile wallet company at 08.04pm of 16.05.2023, which I answered and but ignored the information received through IVR and then again I received a call at 08.09PM from the same number with the same information (please note that their customer care operating hours are 09.00AM to 08.00PM, which I didn’t know earlier) still I received a call from their customer care number, which was identified and shown by my Truecaller as the number belonging to Mobikwik customer care. So I was pretty sure that this call was a genuine call from Mobikwik. Please note that it was an IVR (Interactive voice response) call, which informed me that my wallet has been accessed on an unknown device and prompted me to block this unauthorized access by typing the OTP sent through a message by Mobikwik, even this message was also read and detected by my truecaller to belong to Mobikwik so I immediately entered that OTP (Please note that I only typed the OTP in my phone as done in usual process of IVR confirmation or validation and did not send the message or told the OTP to anyone over call. Still they traced the OTP and used it to link my wallet with the ZOMATO. Thereafter within a matter of few minutes my wallet and pay later account were deducted a total of Rs 61,000 (five transactions of Rs 10,000 each, two of Rs 5,000 each and one transaction of Rs 1,000 from my wallet) and transferred the money to ZOMATO. I tried to do all my possible efforts to block these transactions through Mobikwik wallet but by the time I could figure it out how to do it, it was all over.

I would like to stress few points here, please consider these:

1. It was a call from the genuine customer care number, so Mobikwik itself or their customer care people were surely involved in this fraud.

2. The time they choose to do this financial fraud was such that the customer care operation was closed (but surprisingly I still got the calls from their customer care number). So, I had only option to write an email to their fraud alert team immediately (around 09.00pm) at their email ID i.e. regarding the unauthorized transaction of Rs 61,000 from my Mobikwik wallet and ZIP paylater account and registered a complaint and requested them to block these transactions immediately. I had also emailed them the screen shots of the transactions as a proof of the fraud.

3. It has been about 10 days since I registered a complaint and also sent 4-5 reminder emails to Mobikwik to update me on the resolution of my wallet misuse issue and to refund the amount in my Mobkwik account but so far I have not received any update or refund from Mobikwik.

4. I have also registered the complaint on the Cyber Crime Portal of MHA by uploading all the above details within 24 hrs of the fraud. But from them also I did not receive any update regarding the blockage or return of the transacted amount.

Kindly do the needful to resolve my case and return the money to me.

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61 thoughts on “Financial Fraud of Rs 61,000/- from my Mobikwik Wallet and ZIP paylater account to buy the items on ZOMATO

  1. Hi
    I faced the same fraud on 23rd June 2023.
    I reported to and they blocked my user id I’m unable to log in as well.
    I’m now worried about whether Mobikwik will send me a bill to pay the amount by month’s end.
    Dr. Neeraj did the bill get generated or did you pay the amount?
    Let me know what is the status of your complaint.

    1. Hi Akarsh, I just went through the same and was scammed for Rs. 24,999 on my Zip Paylater. MobiKwik has blocked my account too, and now I cannot even access my payment history records. Did you matter take any positive direction in the last couple of weeks ?

      1. Hi Arijeet, Akarsh & Dr Neeraj ,

        I faced the same situation yesterday, 3rd july and was scammed Rs 24,995 on my Zip Paylater. I immediately blocked my account and also called Mobikwik customer care to report this. As per their advice, i wrote to regarding this scam transaction and waiting for reply. I just want to know if you guys received any updates. Please let me know.

      2. Hi
        After 7days fraud alerts replied saying the services are already used. You will have to pay the amount.
        I was scammed for Rs.59,706.
        They sent me a bill on 1st July to pay 59,706 and if I don’t pay they will put penalty and interest around 2300plus . Also they will spoil my CIBIL score.
        I have decided not to pay. I have lodged a fraud on National Cyber Crime also gave a letter to nearest police station. I’m still waiting for reply from Mobikwik to remove this charged amount. Their reply is too slow it takes a week and above. Mobikwik has all beneficiary details(who took the money) but they are not sharing with us. I’ve requested police to take this matter. Lets see what happens.

        If you want further details message me on

  2. On 17th June 2023 same type of scam happened with me also for an amount of 30000/- in 6 transactions of 5000/- each. I immediaditely reported the fraud through the mobikwik app but they did not block the amount but they disabled my mobikwik user id . Firstly mobikwik did not guide me to file a complaint to After filing the complaint on on 3rd of July they are telling me to wait for the resolution of the issue. Due date is near and i don’t know what to do. If I pay dues, then i don’t know If they will will look into the matter seriously, or if I don’t pay my dues my CIBIL score will take a hit. If suppose the case is not resolved then I’ll have to pay the principal plus the late charges which i’ve heard are huge. I don’t know what to do ahead.

    1. MobiKwik employees are involved behind this scam. Never ever pay this scammed amount. Nothing will happen to your CIBIL score. Already MobiKwik has earned bad reputation about this type of scam in the market. So never pay the amount

  3. Did anyone recieved the money back. I yesterday faced the same fraud and lost 30k from my ZIP account. I am really stressed out now.
    Complaint done at cyber cell and mobikwik team but not getting any positive help. They say they can’t refund the money as it had beed spent on some services.
    What’s should I do now?

    1. There is minimal chances of getting the money back you will have to pay the dues otherwise your CIBIL score will reduce heavily. If you are concerned about the CIBIL score you may have to pay the amount. I have also paid the amount.

      1. Thank you GAUTAM.
        Yeah – I am concerned about the CIBIL.
        I still tried to contact the Cyber cell, Consumer court as well.
        But no one is helping me out. The Mobikwik team is also not helping at all.

  4. I had received an automated call today morning 7th July 2023 at around @10:40am, IVR call stating that an attempt has been made to change the registered mobile number in my Mobikwik Wallet account which I have not been using since a very long time.. it was from this no. +918066868686.. some unknown number, showing on true caller as Anuj Saxena Sir but as it was not marked in red by true caller as spam I picked up as sometimes delivery guys from amazon or big basket call for help in directions for delivery.. then I was asked to press 1 if not done by me so I did that and promptly OTP was asked to validation of my reply & like a fool I put in that without reading the whole message as it was an OTP for a transaction & not mere validation.. & then immediately I got the message that 27677 amt got deducted from my Mobikwik Postpaid Zip Wallet.. my Mobikwik Wallet is empty and luckily I had deleted all my bank account details & card details as I did want to carry on with Mobikwik due to pathetic services by them.. I immediately downloaded the app first then reported the fraudulent transaction, got my user id disabled, then shot out mails to all concerned at Mobikwik, filed a complaint on cyber crime govt website.. I received this reply from them :
    Dear User,

    Thank you for contacting Mobikwik!

    We would like to inform you that we have taken necessary action and blocked your wallet for further misuse. Also, we would like to let you know that the whole amount is utilized in the services and we are unable to process the refund from our end.

    I am definitely not going to pay if they send me a bill for this amount. I have already tried to clarify regarding this issue but no reply yet from Mobikwik about whether they will be sending the bill or wait till investigation completes..

    1. Did they came back to you. I was scammed yesterday for 59K and they paid SBI credit card bill with that. I complained to Mobikwik team but no response. I’m very much stressed now. Is there any way to get the money back ?

      1. Please lodge the complaints at Cybercrime immediately and National consumer helpline.
        Once the case is registered – send the copy to Mobikwik team for support and response. Keep following them every two hours or so

      2. the mobikwik team has solved the issue finally for me but I had to repeatedly follow up with them for a long time. also the funds got debited from Mobikwik Postpaid Wallet and it was not my own money and I had immediately informed mobikwik after registering complaints on the cyber crime govt. website & NCH through CPGRAMS portal i.e public grievances redressal portal by the government.. I was not under too much stress as I had immediately informed the mobikwik team, also I told them that I will not be paying any outstanding bill if presented to me as this transaction was fraudulently carried out through manipulation by some unscrupulous people. if you have immediately informed the correct authorities after the fraudulent transaction being carried out, rbi offers protection to consumers of postpaid wallet company in the same way it offers for consumers of credit card companies..

    2. Yes I immediately informed Mobikwik, it was 11.45PM and they disabled my account. Mine was also Zip wallet only for 59K. I have raised a cyber crime complaint and going to register now in NCH. Thank you both for the response. Please update if you get any info about the refund.

      1. I did not get any explicit reply from them but I did get three mails from Mobikwik that the amount of ₹27677 was credited back in parts of ₹10k+₹10k+₹7677 showing as paid back towards their outstanding bill inspite of bill amount shown as 0. due to this & also no further mail from mobikwik regarding outstanding dues to be paid by me, I have obviously assumed that the issue has been settled satisfactorily..

      2. I have not received any refund of my money in my zip later account even after 2 months. I had to pay the amount as I could not spoil my credit score. I was duped of 30000/- on 17th of june. I had not received any reply from mobikwik team or the cybercrime portal. Only message from cyber crime portal is that your complain has been transferred to the respective police station. I am not very hopeful that my issue would be resolved. Mobikwik pay later has charged some amount to activate this service but they are not providing any insurance against the fraud. Mobikwik is also at fault as they are not immediately blocking the transaction as i reported the fradulent transaction almost immediately. There representative are also not fully aware what the customer has to do after the fraud has happened as i was not informed to report it in cyber crime due to which there was a huge delay in filling the complaint. Good luck….

      3. Whats ur status now? I was duped of 58k yesterday and raised this issue to all concerned people. Please update your current status.

      4. Dear User,

        Thank you for contacting Mobikwik!

        We would like to inform you that we have taken necessary action and blocked your wallet for further misuse. Also, we would like to let you know that the whole amount is utilized in the services and we are unable to process the refund from our end.

        For further beneficiary/Utilization details we request you to kindly provide the FIR copy/complaint copy or you can register your complaint at So that we can take this up with the concerned merchant for cancellation wherever possible OR you can contact your nearest cyber cell/Police/LEA’s and ask them to mail us from their official mail ID for further investigation.

    3. So after raising dispute with mobikwik and cyber cell, what were the other course of action you took in order to get the amount refunded? How long it took? Since the account was disabled, when it got enabled again? How often you followed up and how u did in order to know the current status. I was duped yesterday of 58k and have reported this to mobikwik and cybercell. Awaiting response.

  5. search on google “customer liability terms and conditions mobikwik” and go through this document very carefully..

  6. 1.) register complaint also on CPGRAMS PORTAL, the govt. redressal of public grievances website..
    2.) mail a strongly worded email to mobikwik listing out all the steps that you have taken after this fraudulent transaction, make them aware about your knowledge of rbi guidelines & rights applicable to consumers of postpaid wallet companies for fraudulent transactions, also what they have listed out in their own company policy pertaining to such matters..
    3.) keep following up with them through emails regularly, once in a day..

    1. Jaya Bhat – were u getting messages/IVR calls/mail from mobikwik asking you to re pay the zip money?They would have imposed penalty as well for crossing the due date. How did you tackle that? And you mentioned to keep following up over email everyday. So there was no response from their end since a month from the fraudulent transaction and issue automatically got resolved?

      1. I received nothing from them regarding repayment of the zip money.. as it was a fraudulent transaction and also I had notified them about this IMMEDIATELY.. also it did take a long time but I kept following up relentlessly with them & I assume it has got resolved.. & I hv mentioned that how I got 3 emails regarding repayment from their end itself for settlement of this issue..

      2. Seems Jaya you are the only one who got a refund or a reversal of the amount. Even after multiple follow up, there is no response from mobikwik nor the cyber crime investigating. The due amount just keeps increasing every 15 days. I keep getting all IVR and calls from mobikwik collection team to repay the amount. Looks like there wont be any proper resolution here.

  7. Anyone got issue resolved due to this fraud zip in mobikwik.I have also raise cyber crime request and mailed to mobikwik.any further process kindly let me know

  8. Hi
    Today I was scammed for Rs. 52729.05. I received call from mobikwik that someone trying to access your account by changing mobile number to block this please apply OTP and I did the same because it was IVR and the scammer withdrawal this amount.
    I write email to mobikwik but no reply from them yet

  9. I have got back the amount and mobikwik has settled the issue. Please check if you have done the following.

    1. Report the fraud immediately to the concerned bank/merchant (over call, if outside working hours, drop an email) and request the account be blocked to prevent further fraud.

    2. File a complaint with the cyber cell online, post which connect with them over call for acknowledgement and details of nearest cyber cell police station. Also, raise it with CPGRAMS, National Consumer Helpline and NPCI.

    3. Give a written complaint to the nearest police station about the incident and obtain a CSR/FIR whichever applicable.

    4. Visit the cyber cell in person and produce the CSR/FIR along with a written complaint. Get the transaction and fraudster account details for reference.

    5. Share all the documents/info and the steps taken from your end to the bank/merchant to begin investigation from their end and also with the recipient bank/merchant to give them a heads up of the fraud and an impending chargeback request that they soon might receive on the fraudulent transaction.

    6. Keep following up with your bank/merchant on a daily basis over email/call and if no response/proper resolution from the initial support team escalate this to the grievance/nodal officer . Incase of negligence not from your end or deficiency lies with your bank/merchant, reiterate on the customer liability policy as prescribed by RBI.

    7. Submit a CIBIL dispute incase the issue is prolonging than expected which might threaten CIBIL score.

    If you have done all these and still there is no response or resolution, put a strong post on Linkedin of what all you have done and tag Mobikwik official handle, CEO and COO. They will look into it on priority.

      1. Himani – Follow the steps that I have posted. Keep following up with mobikwik team on a daily basis.

    1. Hi Srinath,

      Pleas help me with my case to get the money back.
      Do you suggest not to repay the outstanding?
      Will CIBIL dispute transaction form help in retaining my CIBIL even if I don’t pay it

      1. Hemant – It happened on August 12th. Lodge a police complaint apart from cyber cell complaint and produce the CSR/FIR to cyber cell. Keep following up with mobikwik on daily basis, send email to their COO and CEO. I had kept the zip money auto disabled, which I kept on reiterating and I wont be liable to pay the amount. Still mobikwik kept sending messages, their collection team kept on following up for repayment. The original money was 58k but it rose to 64k including penalty. Mobikwik even sent a legal notice to me and I kept justifying its no way my fault and all actions taken from end. Finally I posted a strong message about this in linkedin tagging mobikwik, their ceo and coo. About their poor support and how am not liable to pay. Finally they resolved on Sep 21. Took more than a month for the issue to get settled.
        But make sure you aren’t at fault and I hope you had kept the mobikwik auto pay option disabled.

  10. on 31/07/2023, 51000 INR was used in fraudulent transaction on merchant BARBEQUENATION by using same modus operandi as stated above. Immediately reported to mobikwik via app and blocked the account, same day cyber crime complaint was lodged on national cyber crime portal. Also e mailed cyber crime incident to local cyber crime branch. Also lodged complaint on NCH and RBI ombudsman. Still mobikwik is sending payment reminders via SMS, IVRS call, unknown numbers on WhatsApp. Still no settlement from mobikwik. Please guide what are other legal options available. Do zip pay later come under the scope of NPCI? charge back request?

    1. Gopal – Not sure if this comes under chargeback, but do everything from ur end. Give a police complaint and obtain a CSR/FIR. Share this with cyber cell and mobikwik. If you had kept the auto pay option disabled, then this might come in favour of you since u can justify for not repaying the amount.

  11. Srinath, I have done so far the following things:
    Written to them on
    Within 2 minutes of the transaction I reported it as fraud.
    Reported in Cybercrime
    Also reported to RBI.
    Going for FIR
    On Facebook page wrote messages.
    Got reply from Mobikwik about complaint registration within 10 minutes of the transaction.

    Please help me with COO and CEO names if you have handy. I’ll keep this action for next 5 days

    1. COO –
      CEO –
      Drop mails to them as well. They wont revert anyways because these type of emails are so usual to them, but just for your records to tell that you have escalated the issue to the top level. Despite all this if you dont hear back from the mobikwik support team, put a strong linkedin post tagging mobikwik handle and these people as a last resort. But remember if u had kept the auto pay option disabled, you can quote this across all platforms and refer mobikwik/RBI customet liability policy where this is negligence from mobikwik end to have allowed the transaction despite keeping the auto pay option disabled and hence mobikwik is liable for this loss.

      1. I never activated the auto pay option..and I was not even using this wallet.
        I had also asked them how it got activated.

        Hope by default it is never auto pay

  12. And here auto pay option means what.not being user of Zip ever, sorry I am unable to get this..
    Is this, that when bill gets generated, if I have opted for the auto payment of bill..
    Hope this is correct what I am understanding.

    1. in mobikwik zip money, you have the option to on/off auto pay option.. for eg, if your mobikwik wallet balance is 10 and if you are recharging your mobile for rs.20 using mobikwik wallet.. if your auto pay option is on, 10 will be taken from wallet and the remaining from zip money. if u had kept it disabled, then remaining amount you must choose to pay via card/zip/upi. So, if you had kept auto pay option on, its very easy for scamster to take money from it. In my case, I had kept the auto pay option disabled. despite that I was scammed of Rs.58k and the entire amount went from zip money. So this is a glitch in mobikwik app and reiterated this is their fault for allowing a transaction through zip when auto pay was disabled. I would be responsible and liable – If money went off from my wallet or from zip money if i had kept auto pay option enabled… I will not be responsible in my case since I had kept auto pay option disabled and mobikwik should bear the loss.

      1. In this case, the fraudster logged in my mobikwik and switched on the auto pay. that’s why it happened because it happens within app only with just one click

  13. I got my refund today i 10000*5 and 6490= 56490 which was the amount taken away from my zip wallet. Linkedin post worked. Thank you Jaya, Srinath for the right guidance due to which the refund came before the bill generation

  14. I got my refund today i 10000*5 and 6490= 56490 which was the amount taken away from my zip wallet. Linkedin post worked. Thank you Jaya, Srinath for the right guidance due to which the refund came before the bill generation. I think Mobikwik paid from its own for once

    1. Hi Sir,

      Could you please help me with this? 54000 Has been also deducted from my account on 24th Sep. I have done the following steps.
      1. Raised a support ticket at Mobikwik within 2 min, they have disabled my user
      2. Raised a complain on cybercrime, it is pending with police, and no action from their side.
      3. Write a mail to, no proper update,

      Still, write to them on a daily basis.

      Please help me on what next step i need to follow.

      1. Put a strong post in linkedin. Tag mobikwik, their ceo and coo. Give a written police complaint in nearby police station.

  15. Thanks Srinath and Hemant for the Right guidance. As you guys suggested I have kept a strong message addressing the CEO, Cofounder and MobiKwik, after that, they started to call me and finally they waived off INR 53,998/-

    One thing we need to be strong and talk with them firmly on call and never delete the post until they sort it out or provide the resolution.

    Thanks to all

  16. a single fraud transaction of amount 56869/- happened e with my mobikwik zip wallet on 31/08/2023 after complain to customer care,cyber crime and local PS ,Yesterday after 1 month 6 days,I got a confirmation mail of refund total Rs. 32432 ( Rs 25437 and Rs 6995/-).I tacked to customer care they told ticket has been closed and advice for new ticket for remaining account.There is no update regarding the rest amount 25437/-Dear Srinath Ji, Please suggest for the SAM ASAP.

      1. Hi sir same fraud happened to me but no ivr call direct from zip money got deducted for cc payment immediately I complaint to.mobikwik and also cyber crime police got a acknowledgement from cyber crime is there anything I need to do more I also emailed mobikwik

      2. Hi Srinath ,

        I also scammed the zip paylater amount 25000 and 33000 two fraud transactions and report to with in 3 min and also raised the complaint to cyber crime complaint and submitted to but Bill generated and added extra amount also .issue is not resolve yet .pls suggest me on this how to get the amount refund.

        I have given strong message in LinkedIn also .still not resolved and called one time .Bill messages are coming to me .

  17. I also scammed the zip paylater amount 25000 and 33000 two fraud transactions and report to with in 3 min and also raised the complaint to cyber crime complaint and submitted to but Bill generated and added extra amount also .issue is not resolve yet .pls suggest me on this how to get the amount refund

    1. when u give a strong message in linkedin, make sure u tag CEO, COO and mobikwik handle in that.its of no use if u just give a message. u will have to tag necessary people so that the message is reached.

    2. U need to publicly put a linked in post tagging ceo, coo and mobikwik official handle. Sending emails wont work. Make sure its strong and you shouldn’t be liable for this fraud. Raise a complaint in RBI as well

      1. I raised the compliant in RBI and tagging ceo, coo and mobikwik official handle in Linked and messaged strong .still not resolved the issue and sending mails to I am getting calls and messages from collection team .please see below message which I got from them.Kindly suggest me what to do regarding these calls messages from Mobikwik.


        PLS CLEAR IT…


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