Cheating by Bajaj Wakad, Pune showroom employee

Name of Complainant Justine Jose
Date of ComplaintFebruary 22, 2019
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Category of complaint 2-wheelers
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Text of Complaint by Justine Jose:

Issue summary: Bike purchased from Garve Bajaj on 31st of December 2018 through executive Rohan whose number was published on Bajaj website(+91 79-72915299/+91 91583 39300). First week of Jan itself noticed sounds from bike and informed Rohan but he said it’s minor and requested to wait till RTO passing (Next week)so that he can fix it together.

There was no update on RTO passing and contacted executive multiple times. Second week passed.
January18th, bike got minor scratches (attached pictures) which is not a major reason for passing as per Pune RTO but still Rohan insisted for painting or changing everything. I have been convinced by Rohan that it will take maximum 4 to 5 days to handover the bike back to me after completing repair and RTO passing, so I have agreed for the same and submitted the bike to him on Jan 22nd.
Although, I was travelling out of city I told him that I will be able to collect the bike only on Jan 30 not before that and he assured that even number plate will be ready by that time. I was asked to transfer an advance of 1000 to his google pay to order the parts and I did that too.

I have contacted Rohan on Jan 30th to collect the bike and he said all the service was completed and there is a slight delay by RTO inspector appointment for inspection and passing. And he requested another 2 days and I have waited foolishly and contacted him on Feb 1st and he said RTO visit is over but the number plate is not released and he requested to wait another 1 more day so that he can fix the number plate and deliver the bike.

I have contacted him Feb 2nd : His Som was hospitalised so not in offfice to check. Feb 3rd : Waiting at RTO office for number plate.
Feb 4th: I requested at least to send the invoice of the service and he said the printer was not working so asked to wait one more day.

Feb 5th: No response on calls.
So I have decided to visit the showroom surprisingly on evening.
Rohan was not there but I see my bike was parked outside with all dust and dirt outside with the same scratches and condition that I have given.
I have created a complaint Bajaj customer care, additionally asked for a responsible representative to escalate as I was using Uber/Ola transport after late night office hours which was charging me around 500 rupees everyday for these unprofessional and shameless lies.
Someone introduced me Priyanka (95455 56804)from the cashier section telling me that to explain the complaint mentioning that she is the responsible person.
I explained all these lies from Rohan and situations happened. She immediately called a person from the service section and checked whether if It was any delay on Parts ordered, they have confirmed that nothing was ordered so far and Rohan never mentioned them even regarding this bike.
Priyanka apologises for what happened and requested me to wait another 4 days to order the parts and it’s delivery and another 2 days for service and passing. Also given me an approximate estimate of 3500-4000 rupees.

Next day, I received a call from Garve Bajaj- Wakad branch service manager regarding the subjected complaint and I explained what happened and he apologised for what happened and assured me that he will check and update the same.

Yesterday February 12th, Sooraj from show room contacted me and they have shared me an estimate bill of 5300.
Today February 13th, Priyanka contacted me and said it will take another 4 days for the RTO passing and confirmed that service is completed.

On what trust, I will collect the bike and wait another 4 days for RTO passing, considering all these delays and lies. I have told them that I will not accept the bike unless and until the agreed tasks are completed.
Who will pay my everyday travel expense of 500 per day for the clear negligence and unprofessional act from the Bajaj employees.
Bajaj customer care complaint :ISR-483014
Was closed without any response, Bike is still with them.
I have contacted them immediately when I received the sms issue resolved to inform them that the issue is not resolved, they again collected information and mentioned that somebody will be contacting in 24 hours(Feb 13). Also asked me to sent an email, I sent the above information on the same day but nobody contacted me.

Today, 22 February I have contacted them again to check the status existing request to reopened complaint and status of my bike they simply say that it was closed as resolved. I requested for escalation along with my email details which was sent on 13th feb, then they created a new complaint ISR-490307, saying the same things that somebody will be contacting and no escalation was done.

I am frustrated with my daily midnight travel expenses after the US night shift, hence I am creating this complaint before moving to consumer court for my vehicle and compensation for the expenses and cheating happened against me.

Days since Bike purchase : 53 days
Total days bike used : 20 days
Total Days in showroom : 32 Days
Expected delivery : No update.

I need a complete refund on the bill and RTO passing to be done on the top priority. Please escalate this incident to next level for refund and service assurance.
Waiting on refund confirmation.

Justine Jose K

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