Cheating and fraud

Name of Complainant Shreya jain
Date of ComplaintJune 9, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Shreya jain:
My name is shreya jain and I want to tell you all to not believe this site as it’s a fraud .
I have in my 86k and promised I was promised to get it all back with commissions.
I received nothing
It all started yesterday when I was looking for an online job and it directly connected me to WhatsApp to a person named Raven.
Her WhatsApp contact ~ +63 927 824 1418
I believed the site as it claimed to be registered with Indian government .
She guaranteed me that I would get my money back By quoting “Honest management is our guarantee. I will take the responsibility if you will not receive the amount in your bank after.”
She missed out on critical information that was rightfully to be given to me before initiating the contract.
I was told after the 6th task I can withdraw my money (which was frozen) .
I was forced to do the next task as my money was stuck which costed me another 70 grands .
When I confronted and told her that this was supposed to be the last one and I want to withdraw my money
She says “This is computer and system generated dear, it will unfreeze AUTOMATICALLY once completed last task, Guaranteed that after completing your last task, you can successfully withdraw the entire amount. It will be credited to your bank account in 2-5 minutes.”
After I managed to complete the last task I get an email from “”saying “Now you need to pay a REFUNDABLE TAX amounting to 69,999 RS. These fees are paid to legalize the money you earn, and the related fees you paid will also be returned to your account balance, which can be withdrawn also today. If you do not pay this fee, we cannot handle the withdrawal business
for you. Please contact your customer agent.”
I contacted my customer agent confronting this email by not providing me such critical information at the start of the contract
She said I can’t do anything and saying “Once if forward you to legal team, your bank will be contact and inform in this situation which have chance to temporarily close your account.”

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2 thoughts on “Cheating and fraud

  1. I have experienced the same . I did the same process as you did . And now my money is stuck . I have paid the refundable tax and now they are asking me to submit passbook aadhar card and 49999. Now i don’t have money and i told her to return now she is not repliying on time. This is her number: +63 916 452 2383

  2. I have done the same process n I’m just 17 years old i have don’t it with my moms money n debited other amount n now she is not coming online or picking up my calls

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