Bet77 cheated

Name of Complainant Soundarya
Date of ComplaintJuly 31, 2021
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Category of complaint Investments
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Text of Complaint by Soundarya:

I am from middle class with nail sized income and mountain sized needs. Out of needs invested 10k and some stupid telegram contacted and said he will predict and he suggested to invest that 10 k and it became 148737 but when tried to withdraw bet77 rejected telling 13 % of winning should be paid I said no. They said it’s mandatory I took from frd and paid and after they said you paid extra 3 ruppes extract amount should be paid again I borrowed from frd and paid 19 k now they told gst got changed because earlier 19 k was added I was like 🥺, and they finally found its fraud. I really got heart broken.
Dear ethical HACKERS if you ever see my message please delete these kind of sites.

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One thought on “Bet77 cheated

  1. Yes , the bet 77 realy a froud application.
    Same here one of my teligram group send the msg to win money so I will invest 15000 and the my winning is 134000, during submitting the widthrawl request they ask to deposit commission ,I will pay money 8000 after that again he demanded more money for gst .
    And now he blocked my payment.

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