Wrong product sent & then account access blocked

Name of Complainant Vinder
Date of ComplaintApril 15, 2024
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Vinder:

I recently bought two carpet from Flipkart, but on receiving the product I received completely different design and thickness product,the carpet I ordered was of higher quality and of higher price but the carpet I received was of lower quality and lower price.So I placed return request on Flipkart but then they blocked my account by citing the reason as high amount of returns. As a buyer-seller contract,parties were under agreement to deliver same product for which customer paid but they broke the contract by not delivering same product for which we dealed, and above all they even blocked me from contacting them, even when they are guilty,instead of amending there mistake they preferred to punished me and that’s for what. That money I paid was not their’s it is was mine hard earned money.How can they loot and cheat like this & when I tried contacting them they never ever answered me ……I emailed them on their every available communication channel like on
– cs@ncbflipkart.com
– accountvalidation@flipkart.com
– Grievances@flipkartadvanz.com
– cs@ncbflipkart.com
– ceo@flipkart.com
But they never replied my email they blocked all channels of communication also. What kind of unethical behaviour is this.Sir kindly resolve my case ASAP, thanking you in advance for being there for keeping justice up and prevail.

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