vodafone outgoing validity expired

Name of Complainant Harihararajan
Date of ComplaintNovember 21, 2018
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Category of complaint Mobile Phone
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Text of Complaint by Harihararajan:

I have Rs.93 balance in My Vodafone number.but Vodafone company sent SMS yesterday your outgoing validity Expire….

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vodafone outgoing validity expired

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26 thoughts on “vodafone outgoing validity expired

  1. All prepaid customers will now have outgoing and data service validity instead of lifetime validity. Once the outgoing and data service validity expires, you will have to recharge your account with a pack that gives you validity of 28 days or more to enjoy

    1. Than what about the amount took from consumer in year 2009 stating life time validity i.e the company will repay the said amount or it’s one type of cheating

    1. If am doing the recharge i think i will get 28 days of unlimited out-going calls free so why would i keep any balance in my phone , actually i didn’t get that concept.

  2. Yes! its true. I talked to Vodafone customer care regarding this message. Vodafone wants to earn Rs. 1 per day from billions of indian Vodafone subscribers. idea,airtel, Vodafone becomes billionare everyday! just switch with mnp to bsnl. on bsnl recharge rs. 36 and get 6 months validity

  3. Same SMS to me. They don’t even give us time. They stop the service the same day. Imagine if I have to make emergency call – now I can’t make any calls?
    Time to punish Vodafone by porting to some other company.
    To hell with you Vodafone.

  4. Hey Vodafone,
    RIP. This is the worst tactic that you could have ever used. Nobody will hung around if this situation prevails.

  5. Very unfair, how can they stop my outgoing calls all of a sudden in spite me having sufficient balance in my prepaid account, that too (without any prior notification.)

    Is there no law in, how can Vodafone be so careless and irresponsible.

  6. before 1.week i recharged my vodafone connection, still they sending message that your incoming outgoing will expired if not recharge immediately, dont understand that the TRAI give them auhtority to rob the public?. This is cheating of the indian public.

  7. My number outgoing expired. I have 72.82 rupees balance in my Vodafone number.what to do to activate my number.shpuld I port my number.i am calling to customer care also but no one is replying.

  8. everyone facing this problem. here is not functioning a government. These private companies doing things as per their greedy choice

  9. this basically is cheating..they want to improve their finances and doesnt give a hoot about customers.. i dont understand why DOT is silent on the issue.. may be they are in tacit understanding with companies filling their pockets… darn it.. GREEEEEEEDDDDDYYYYYYYYY.. bloody buggers

  10. This is pathetic service I have ever experienced. I have been using Vodafone for more then 8 Years. I have balance around 400Rs but they are sending me message that it going to expire. Recharge for 35 for activating 28days. Its really frustrating that have to recharge to use my actual money, Later I will be port to different company. Bad Move Vodafone, you are loosing your trusted customer who are using your services since ages.

  11. Yea shame on vodafone. I have 88 rupees balance. I recharged two days ago with 30 rupees ,because of the same issue that my Outgoing was expired. Now again they have messaged my outgoing will expire tomorrow and they will deduct Rs 24 from my balance. Vodafone is ass shit company.looting innocent unaware people. I urge you all to port to jio or something better. I’ll be doing the same.

  12. They are cheating public. Today i recharged after some minutes when i check the balance they repeated that if you not recharge immediately your outgoing callas will disconnect, Normally people think that suppose their recharge failed, so they will again and again recharge, that way the company will get lot of money. Its shame that govt also in support to these chetaers in the form of TRAI rules. Its time to all mobile users unite and make their voice against these cheating companies. Indian govt is commission agents, they auctioning the mobile service to private parties and allow to cheat the public of this country

  13. This is high level of Cheating common people with the help of government support. Cheaters , bloody buggers . They are born to loot people’s money.

  14. I have a balance of Rs.545.99/….. Received an sms today early morning stating “my incoming call facility has been discontinued. To restore services to recharge with combo/unlimited pack immediately”…I have been a Vodafone customer since 2004….This move is really unacceptable…..

  15. Already having unlimited call and data pack but still my outgoing calls and data pack has been discontinued and asked to get combo pack. What does that mean? We keep on recharging everytime as and when you feel you will discontinue services.

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