Vahishta Couture / Vahishta by Chaitali Katri scammer online

Name of Complainant Kaur
Date of ComplaintNovember 5, 2022
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Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Kaur:

Chaitali is a pure scam artist – PLEASE READ if you are thinking of ordering anything from her.
I had several orders, the first few were good. Then the quality started going downhill, stitching was bad here and there. Next thing you know, NOTHING is being delivered on time.
Things are delivered months later. Some outfits were NEVER delivered at all.
She makes excuses saying it has been dispatched (from India to the UK), however she never has the tracking references because the outfits had not even been MADE let aloan sent.
She will string you along with excuses – she is unwell, she is suffering mentally (all of which I was patient about for over a year).
She said she can be trusted so I told her if you cannot deliver something in time, if you have too much going on and you can’t take on the work then just TELL ME. She will never tell you. She will take on the work, take your money so that she can pay other people she owes. But then she will not deliver anything.
The last straw was when she sent me a photo of a navy lehenga set where I could clearly see the colours of the sleeves and body do not match, and the borders of the dupatta and body don’t match either. She was adamant it was all correct and she had checked it personally herself.
When it arrived I was SHOCKED. Nothing matched anything else. The back of the skirt was a different shade of navy to the front!
She admitted her mistake and said she was on ‘medication’ (which means she couldn’t see colours properly??)
Chaitali said she will refund me, and agreed to an amount. I have conversations with her agreement. I waited months and months.
She has been stringing me along saying the money is transfered but the bank is blocking this or that. So many excuses I can’t even list them all. She even sent me screenshots where it looks like the money is being transfered but I have received absolutely nothing.
She sent me voicenotes telling me that she had no money before, and couldn’t pay her couriers which is why packages didn’t send – however she is still taking orders from the looks of things so she has money to refund.
Now she has blocked me on Whatsapp, and even limited her comments on Instagram so people can’t post underneath.

Please do not trust this woman if you want to keep your money, your sanity and your mental health you will stay away from her. I am in the process of starting legal proceedings against her to get my money back.

Image Uploaded by Kaur:

Vahishta Couture / Vahishta by Chaitali Katri scammer online

One thought on “Vahishta Couture / Vahishta by Chaitali Katri scammer online

  1. Hi Kaur,
    I feel sad you have to go through this. She recently contacted me and asked to remove my complaints so she could refund me. After that no replay no response. Be aware she is not going to refund or send anything. She played with me for almost 4 years. Horrible. She tried to play again. She needs physical complaints at the local police station to stop playing with customers.

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