Threatened and took money of 6490 (Radiance data service)

Name of Complainant Neha Ankalagi
Date of ComplaintApril 17, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Neha Ankalagi:

On April 9th 2022,I received a call from the resume to fill for work from home job, in which i had to complete 400 resumes. They took my number, my address and my driving licence from me to register, I needed a work from home job, so I sent them my details and after registration ,I am unable to complete the work or I Can’t complete 400 resumes with 90% accuracy, he said 15000 deposited for you, you will pay for 5500 rupees with 18% GST . According to their agreement the Gujarat Government will take action against you and I got a call from some person Arvind Rathore (97246 39493 )who is saying that I am from Gujarat Legal Department and he is threatening me to pay 5800 rupees to them or else he will send a legal notice against me in court. I also have proof of an agreement with this company, which they contracted by giving me half the information and I also have phone numbers of people who called me for this job. The girl who whatsApp me for this job is named Isha(8799117606).. adress of this company is 265 SUNDARAM COMPLEX

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2 thoughts on “Threatened and took money of 6490 (Radiance data service)

  1. Hi iam surya…Ma’am, these radiance group is now threatening me… I also got message from this group. And they signed me an agreement… Now they are threatening me… But my advice for you is don’t pay to them… And don’t have ignore their calls… Once you paid money , they will call you and ask for money again and again… If you ignore their calls and block their calls , they will call from different number. They might be a big group… They can only threaten you… They can’t file case against you… If you want to ask any doubt ask me in gmail… Because for the past 3 days iam tackling this same group… Very hard to believe me, but any doubt just email me… Thank you

  2. I was also spammed by this company. They are continuously reaching out to me and threatening me in the name of court case and police case.

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