Tatasky adding packages without permission

Name of Complainant Aneri Joshi
Date of ComplaintJanuary 23, 2020
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Category of complaint Entertainment
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Text of Complaint by Aneri Joshi:

Tatasky executives called my father and asked to add additional packages by saying they are free. Before my father could get a sense of what they are actually asking for the executive cut the call.

These packages are not free, for 3 months I paid for it till I finally checked the app and realized they have added a “Vedic Maths Package”. No one needs Vedic Maths and we have not given them permission. When I asked them to make me listen to the call recording, they are refusing.

This is a new way for their executives achieving sales targets and fooling consumers. I want them to either give me the call recording or refund my money.

They cannot cheat consumers like this.

Image Uploaded by Aneri Joshi:

Tatasky adding packages without permission

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