Suraj Sharma a fraud, scammer

Name of Complainant Eba
Date of ComplaintDecember 7, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Investments
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Text of Complaint by Eba:

Got this link for the investment from Instagram that says that it was founded by Shahrukh Khan to help the citizen of the Indian girls get fund and to contact his assistant Suraj Sharma in Telegram. When I contacted Suraj, he asked me to pay 6000 for a sport betting and that it’s a 100% legit and safe, and if anything goes wrong will pay 5 times we have invested. If I pay 6000 I would make a minimum 60,000 in 3-5 hours but after that asked me to pay for 15% (Rs 20,000+) commission for bookmakers and to get the full amount. I said I don’t have money to pay that and asked them to deduct the amount from my balance amount that was earned from betting but they said they can’t do that.

Please help me get my money back. I am sure the victim is not only me. There are many people who got scammed by the name Suraj Sharma.

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Suraj Sharma a fraud, scammer

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