Stealing money saying WFH job . Lost my money

Name of Complainant Amri
Date of ComplaintSeptember 19, 2023
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Category of complaint Tours & Travels
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Text of Complaint by Amri:

Hi, I am writing this down to make a complaint on the make my trip. I am not sure whether some people are using the make my trip name to get people money in demand of work from home job. I lost my all savings and even now they are asking me to pay 20L more to withdraw the previous amount which I deposited along with the commission. Initially I got a message from the private chat at telegram named chhaya adwani asking whether I am interested in work from home. Saying like We have 2 options here.
πŸ…°οΈ 1~3Hours earn | 1200-1800 IRs. Per day (π™ΏπšŠπš›πš~time)
πŸ…±οΈ 3~5Hours earn | 2200-4200 IRs. Per day (Full~time)
So I thought to proceed as I am mother of 2 kids and a homemaker. As this little money will be helpful. Later another person named parvathi, now she is not active in telegram she is the one convinced me to start to work in this by creating an account for me in make my trip and asked to do trial task and gave 1k as commission.. the task is very simple like we need to give ratings to the hotels of 30 orders in 1 set.. we get a total of 2 sets after which we can withdraw the money along with commission.After which they asked me to deposit 11k and convinced me saying I will get the commission of nearly 7k and I received that too. Later I deposited 20k and where in that I received a deluxe order which makes our deposited money to negative and asked to deposit more and that agent made me to join a group of 30 active members in which both senior agents are also available. I could see the group name is ” make my trip Indian dream ” in telegram,were those members depositing and withdrawing money in thousands and lakhs. I believed and thought to pay the negative amount to take my deposited money back along with commission. But later I am the only person getting deluxe orders again and again and Asking me to pay and get the high commission.. many in group the senior agents named Naren he was convincing me as he said that he worked here for more than a year and only few will get such orders.i said I don’t have any money now as I deposited everything in lakhs to this task. He was convincing so much to take loan and asked me not to worry as I will definitely will get the money with commission. Believing these words I took loan and got money from friends to deposit and some how thought withdraw the money as I could see many in that group were depositing and withdrawing so thought it’s genuine and they were saying it’s reputed company make my trip won’t cheat. And now I am in stage where I got 5 deluxe order and it’s 20L need to pay now to take all money. The agent also said will help me with depositing some money. Now I don’t know whom to believe and the members in group are they work as a gang to cheat me? And get all money .. I mailed to them , begged them to give atleast my deposited money as I took loan and got from friends. But they are asking more as I am Ambani or tata brilla to have money always .. i couldn’t digest the way they convince the people. This telegram feels to be many fraud people around. 1 thing I like to add as many people I got information saying they are from banglore. – this is the link they asked me to create account and this link is changing every week saying they are updating.
Naren K ( telegram account) – WhatsApp number – 9233825615
Parvathi – ( telegram deleted) – what’s app active – 6009173331
Nita S ( telegram account) – she is the one who said it’s genuine and you can deposit and get money as it’s make my trip . She said she is a teacher in make my trip later.
Kavy@ ( telegram account) – WhatsApp number – 7005941827 I am not sure whether she is working for them as she helped me with 2.92L to deposit the negative amount.
And many agents and members in that group giving positive words and even active still. They say they work from morning 10am to night 10pm.
Good morning Team! 🌀

The Platform is now πŸš€ READY πŸš€ to use, everyone can start to do their reservation, renew, and withdraw. Good luck everyone!HAPPY FRIDAY!

Everyone can do the reservation to earn now, start your day with a smile and wonderful positive thoughts. πŸ‘Š
Like these messages comes daily by the owner of that group make my trip.
Pls don’t leave such people for using the emotions of other people just for money.
Kindly help .

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Stealing money saying WFH job . Lost my money

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