SIM card activation not done since 8 days

Name of Complainant Mohammad B
Date of ComplaintSeptember 25, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Mohammad B:

Hi There,

I am pretty sure that the complains are not really heard here but since there is no where to call. I am writing here so that maybe someone cares to change or improve this process.

I wanted to convert my number from postpaid to prepaid, to do that on 11 Sep 2020 I went to the store at Thane (Gokhle Rd.) I paid my dues along with 5 rupees SIM & 297 activation charges. I had also submitted all the documents like a printed photograph of me & Adhaar card copy. They said that with 48 hrs my card will get activated. Now I waited for a long time, then on 15 Sep 2020, I called up the customer care department explained them about the scenario & asked them to log a complaint that my SIM card is not yet activated. They said that you will surely get a response with a resolution on it within 24hrs. Later on 16 Sep 2020 I called up again with complaint number. They said that I have to visit the same Vodafone store again for resolution we will not be able to help you in this case. I was so disappointed with this answer. The next day on 17 Sep 2020 I went back to the store met the store manager I asked him about my SIM card activation, then he asked the cashier to check on the computer. He said it is stuck in approval status your SIM will get activated by tomorrow 18 Sep 2020. I am still waiting…… my SIM got activated but first recharge is not yet done by the store. So without the first recharge I cannot use the SIM.

I have already paid for the recharge at the time of documentation still its 19 Sep 2020 I cannot use my SIM card. Also if I call customer care they are giving same response to go back to the store & inquire about the same.

So guys in this COVID19 situation they are forcing me to go to the branch just to enquire about my SIM activation how ridiculous is that. In spite of paying all the money & spending 2hrs of my time in the queue at the store I have to visit the store again & again.
The store manager refuse to give me his mobile number or store landline number.

So guys again I am going to the store to check on my SIM activation. Lets hope it gets solved on this visit.

Card No.: 8991200051516923813

Image Uploaded by Mohammad B:

SIM card activation not done since 8 days

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