RupayKey Fraud Loan application

Name of Complainant Maharaja Raviraj
Date of ComplaintSeptember 30, 2022
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by Maharaja Raviraj:

I have been fraudulent by this application called : RupayeKey which is a loan app supported by a NBFC called- gaganbase. Basically they took all my details like -adhaar card , pancard , bank account details, friends contact my photograph . They without my permission or confirmation grant me a loan which I didn’t initiate of rupees ₹3200 and ₹3200 (two loans), I tried to stop this process by customer support page but there was no assistance , i tried calling them there was no response and was a invalid number. Within 15 min they debt me 1920 rupees + ₹1920 rupees (for that two loan money) in my account and when i opened the app again, i saw a debt of of rupees 3200 rupees and another 3200 rupees which i have to pay within 6 days of span .They charged me with 40 percent interest rate which was hidden and not disclosed earlier, and there was no mention of any accessing fee so, on 1920 rupees i have to return them 3200 which is rupees 1280 extra for two loans as interest rate n some sort of fee, which i never initiated or agreed with, later on while suffering on internet I came across reviews, this has been done with many people around. They threaten them calling and pestering them with abusive language and warn them about leaking there pictures , calling there contact list members and whatsapp messaging them. Even when we pay the amount they say they haven’t received any sort of payment and try to make fool . This is a threat to my privacy n my personal details and photographs which is against my RIGHT TO PRIVACY mention in ARTICLE 21 in INDIAN CONSTITUTION. I request you to help me with my concern.

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