Rey Technology Cyber crime

Name of Complainant Mekha Amy Sunny
Date of ComplaintJanuary 23, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Mekha Amy Sunny:

My name is Mekha Amy Sunny. I was searching for jobs then I found this company named Rey Technology from gujarat. They called me and offered me data entry job they gave me 10days to complete 1400 pages work.

They gave the project on 7 jan 2020 and it was to be completed on 17 jan 2020. I finished my work within 8 days and I checked my whole work and I didn’t find any mistakes. I submitted this project on time but my final QC report came as failed. They never said my accuracy score. After that they called me and told me to pay the fine amount of Rs6700 as i was unable to complete the work they gave me. I asked them 1week for repaying but they were really rude and told me to pay on Jan 21 before 4pm. I got worried and some how managed to borrow money from others and I paid Rs6700. And they said they will give NOC letter from their side.
Today (Jan 22) a lady called referring herself as Adv.Simran she was shouting and yelling at me for no reason. I asked her about the money and NOC letter she said she received the money. If I wished to continue this job for 11more months as per their agreement I need to pay Rs18000 or if I want to terminate for this job I have to pay Rs15000 . If I don’t pay either of the amount she won’t  issue the NOC letter. they have been calling since morning and blackmailing me. I have all phone call recording saved in my phone. And they are saying I have disrespected the law and they will charge case against me.

What should I do? Will there be any other consequences?

Image Uploaded by Mekha Amy Sunny:

Rey Technology Cyber crime

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