Refund of money (Rs. 4941/-) not made since 08 th April 2019 from Airtel.

Name of Complainant Ganesan Ramalingam
Date of ComplaintJuly 12, 2019
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Category of complaint Investments
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Text of Complaint by Ganesan Ramalingam:

Ganesan Ramalingam

Dear Sir
Ref: My Landline no. 0431 4975813
Mobile no. 8903711813
Please go through the series of incidents that took place in my case

01. On 08-04-19 I tried for my online payment for Airtel annual bill.
02. For the first time, the ‘transaction failed’ appeared in the screen
03. When I tried for the second time the transaction was successful
04. On suspicion, I went through my bank account transactions.
05. Unfortunately, I noted double debit for the same bill amount of Rs. 4941 from my
06. I waited for about two or three days thinking that one Rs. 4941 would be coming back to my account.
07. I contacted Airtel officials in Trichy and informed about the same.
08. They asked me to contact the bank.
09. When I contacted the bank officials, they told me to wait for 45 days to get the amount credited back.
10. In the meantime, I e-mailed many many more times to, wecare,, etc. informing my concern.
11. I waited, waited and contacted, contacted the bank officials and no fruitful solution evolved.
12. Days went on and after two and half a month I could be able to know that the amount was in the airtel wallet.
13. The very big concern is even after the amount was refunded from the wallet on 2nd July 2019, still, it is not reaching my account.
14. I feel this a world wonder and this situation should never occur to any of the Airtel customers.
15. In my life, I had never met this kind of pathetic situation. Very bad. Very bad. Very sorry. Very sorry.
16. The other wonder: Everyone is living in a very big digital world. Everywhere digital, digital, digital. What is the use of this digital? Even after three months, the amount in the wallet was not transferred to my bank account.
17. I never asked you to keep that money in the Airtel wallet.
18. Once the transaction fails, no money should have been taken from my account. Even it was taken by mistake, it should have been sent back to my bank account only.
19. For all these things, no one was ready to reply to relevently from the Airtel Team.
20. Even after all these things, I requested the Airtel officials, to keep my money and enjoy it.
21. I also requested to Disconnect the Airtel connection provided to me immediately. That too was not done.
22. Still, I am facing with the non-receipt problem of my money.
23. I don’t know how long this situation will continue.
24. You all officials are simply watching my case for more than three months, taking no quickest action.
25. I think God, the Almighty only has to reply finally. Oh! God, Help me.

R. Ganesan

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Refund of money (Rs. 4941/-) not made since 08 th April 2019 from Airtel.

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