receiving threatening messages from CPCREAPL and unknown numbers

Name of Complainant venkatesh
Date of ComplaintMarch 22, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against , , , ,
Category of complaint Cyber Crime
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Text of Complaint by venkatesh:

I was in need of money so applied for loan through some applications. I don’t know from which application, I have received Rs. 1800 and paid Rs. 3000 before the due date. After the payment from next day onwards I’m receiving messages from cp-creapl (prakul creations pvt. Ltd.) & qp-creapl (prakul enterprises pvt. Ltd.) & from different whatsapp numbers about repayment. Even after paying i am getting threatning messages from any cashnow, luckyrupee, pocket etc that my loan has been overdue and they will contact my family & friends & take legal actions. Please help as i have nothing pay. I have paid more than i have received. Still i am getting non stop sms & whatsapp & spam calls. Kindly someone help me out on this. I am sharing whatsapp numbers here from which i am getting msgs +91 7895277745, +92 3133213186, +91 9166319950.

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receiving threatening messages from CPCREAPL and unknown numbers

2 thoughts on “receiving threatening messages from CPCREAPL and unknown numbers

  1. Don’t worry same thing was happening to me i was just blocking the numbers do the same thing they can’t do anything just raise the complaint in cybercrime portal

    1. Same thing happened to me..pls block all those numbers they won’t do anything..they are just scammers looting money from others

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