One world fraud debit order

Name of Complainant Nomaphelo Chila
Date of ComplaintJanuary 26, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Mobile Phone
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Text of Complaint by Nomaphelo Chila:

I had a phone call from a Company stating they are a cell company selling cellphone contracts.It turned out it was a scam debit order of a R97 from One world telecom and I called them to cancel and I received a message stating so but after a while there was a message again in my phone stating that I have a debit order to deduct R97 from my account.

Image Uploaded by Nomaphelo Chila:

One world fraud debit order

15 thoughts on “One world fraud debit order

  1. They also deducted money from my account and shit about it is that you cant even reverse it. I want my money please!!!

  2. I was promised a cellphone delivery and agreed to a R97 debit order, until this day there has been no delivery, This must be a scam

  3. I wonder how come I was deducted R97 after being told that my application for a cellphone has been declined. I need a refund immediately and cancellation of my application

  4. Please cancel debit order going off my account
    I don’t know whatever this is you guys are busy with … every month R97
    I haven’t receive anything but money gets deducted every month from my account

  5. They called me this morning and sent a debit order for R97 but i declined it,will they still deduct after me declining the debit order?

  6. Please cancel my debit order, I send an email still no answer … every month you guys take off R97 from my account but still I haven’t received anything … what kind of scheme is this. My reference number BB452797

  7. I am writing this with a heavy heart.These people keep taking 97 from my account like a donation.I dont earn a lot of money and it makes a big difference.I am being scammed,the bank cant cancel the debit check they keep changing references

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