Not Refunded money

Name of Complainant Vivek kumar sharma
Date of ComplaintJune 1, 2023
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Vivek kumar sharma:

I have received a message on whatsapp from the number 8270270414 where is asked me to subscribe to any channels on youtube and share the screenshot for which I have received 150 rupees in my bank account on 23.05.2023. Then they asked me tasks of placing order on the link

There was a group created of 4 members wherein all four members have to place order of same amount. The bets always increased. And if am unable to invest the said amount i will not be eligible for refund.

i have invested a total of Rs. 2100000 in parts 100000, ,20000(which was refunded by the bank after 2 hours thanks god for that refund) and 10000,46000,118000,328000 then they asked me for 582000 as commission for recovery data & then they asked me for 412824 for increase credit score for refunded money then they asked me 390000 for restoring my data quite after they asked me 25% of all payment my step back with saying that i do not have much money and asked for my earlier paid amount total of Rs. 2100000 but then they said that if i don’t pay then i will not also get my old amount.

Now they are not paying me my paid amount also. I already told them that i don’t need profit but still they are not paying me back….

I am earnestly requesting you to please help me to get my money back…..

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One thought on “Not Refunded money

  1. Hey , Suggestion .., Pl go ahead & raise cybercrimes complaint, share details also ..
    Also , register a complaint with your bank to recover the amount …

    On my investigation, I found scammers email .. if this helps you

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