Mpokket harassing me for loan payment with too high of penalty charges

Name of Complainant Sandeep kumar
Date of ComplaintSeptember 29, 2020
Name(s) of companies complained against
Category of complaint Banking
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Text of Complaint by Sandeep kumar:

I took a loan of 5500 from mpockket where i needed to repay them back 6250rs but as i lost my phone so i got in so many loss that i couldn’t repay them back for 75 days now when i am willing to oay them back they are asking for a additional penalty chargesof 2552 as 44rs per day isnt it too high for a student.and not only this they are harasiing me calling everytime saying we will call your relatives and they have took access to my personal contacts and sms which is illigal they also scream on me like i am thier servent the abuse they do everything.please help me as i have no income source for now iam sitting in my house because of this pandemic situation i will pay their base amount back with help of my friends but please help me to deduct my penalty and please take action against this company they harass students and i am litterary under depression i couldn’t do anything except of thinking from where to pay them back.please help me.
Registerd no in mpokket-9155722009

Image Uploaded by Sandeep kumar:

Mpokket harassing me for loan payment with too high of penalty charges

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