Misbehave with lady in Vodafone Gallery

Name of Complainant Kiran Borkar (Geeta Borkar-Mom)
Date of ComplaintJune 13, 2018
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Category of complaint Internet Services
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Text of Complaint by Kiran Borkar (Geeta Borkar-Mom):

There was issue regarding the bill for which my mom aged 45, went for a solution to Vodafone gallery Goregaon West Mumbai. There were difference in gallery data and the data provided by the call centre about the bill.

Mom wanted to convert postpaid to prepaid to which the gallery person said it cant be done as of now and need to pay the outstanding bill while Vodafone call centre guy told my mom to convert from postpaid to prepaid with discounted bill provided by them i.e call centre.

But gallery person’s (not single but almost everyone) were aginst it, even after informing them that it was told from thier customer care (i.e call centre). And also everyone argued all at once with my mom (i wasn’t at that time of the argument).

As well as threatening that they will complain agaisnt this transfer from postpaid to prepaid and many other things. The behaviour as well as communication perception was nuisance.Even after informing them to take the application,they refused and replied to ask the customer care(i.e call centre) people to take the application.

And after wasting several hours the gallery took the application for transfer, initially which they were refusing to do,showing cheating customers to forecfully use postpaid for more duration with bigger bills.

Image Uploaded by Kiran Borkar (Geeta Borkar-Mom):

Misbehave with lady in Vodafone Gallery

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