Meesho flagged my account without any prior notification or warning.

Name of Complainant Namita
Date of ComplaintMarch 26, 2022
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Category of complaint E-Com & Retail
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Text of Complaint by Namita:

It blocked my account because according to them I returned too many times of course if the person is not satisfied with the products they will return it,& literally all of its product are absolutely different from the pictures shown its only obvious that I return it the saaree I ordered is so cheap and definitely not as shown in the picture, also i have received so many orders wherein the colour was different and the design pattern everything was different I also received entirely different products so many times but I never complained before as it could be easily returned. I had been using it since a lot of time i never thought this would happen. I was satisfied if at the end of the day i could return the products I was dissatisfied with. But definitely not the case now .They were saying it’s mentioned in terms & conditions but It clearly advertises that it is made for housewives & most of the Indian housewives are uneducated so you can’t expect them to read. A warning must be given but no such warning or prior notification was given. I really hope it doesn’t happen with any more of you please be careful. I lost ₹2000. Guys pls don’t use meesho, I kept on buying because i thought if at all I didn’t like the product I can always return it, it literally advertises easy returns everywhere but it blocked my account so i couldn’t return my items. . It blocked my husband’s account and mine too at the same time. They actually knew both were my account so there’s no privacy also. Meesho is cheating us all. In its terms and conditions it states that it takes no guarantee or warranty of the products sold and that is on us to see that the seller is trusted or not, if we don’t receive the product or anything meesho has no obligations pertaining to it. But it doesn’t take any guarantee because it knows all products aren’t always good in quality or as described in the information. That is the whole point of return. There are also products that I ordered and absolutely loved and didn’t return because they were what I was expecting and as shown in the pictures. I ordered a lot and most of the products were of such cheap quality and definitely not how the seller was claiming so obviously I returned them. But they just flagged my account so I can’t return anything. This is not fair. Their website also mentions that we can return any product that we’re dissatisfied with. I don’t know what gives them the right to decide my returns were baseless. Even in playstore and advertisements they say there are easy returns but it’s all a charade. I wonder whose account they’re gonna flag next.

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5 thoughts on “Meesho flagged my account without any prior notification or warning.

  1. Meesho is really worst app. Most of the time they send entirely different product which is not shown on picture. And because of many returns they flagged my account without any prior information. Even I can’t return the previous received defected orders. They are not giving my refund as well. Worst app .please don’t trust on them

    1. Totally true, # boycottmeesho
      Worst app, if they’re providing 7 days return validity to a product then it’s their responsibility to accept returns within that period irrespective of the number of items the consumer is buying.

      Unprofessionalism at it’s peak

  2. I want to lodge a proper complaint. I faced same issue. And I am irritated by their response which is major issue. Do you wanna join?

  3. Same problem with me today too but recently I didn’t returned any product, A day before I placed orders already payed n tried to log today to check the status of my orders they Flagged my Account, with no prior notification. Wats this they r fraud n Bluff, First they essay client won confidence n they all of a Sudden block or flag them with orders. A kind of new Cyber Criminals
    I tried to contact the team they reverted they can’t do anything, nor the assist or put things highlighted to Hierarchy or technical department.

    Big Fraud or Scam

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